I think we can all agree: genuinely good people are pretty hard to come by these days. It’s sad, but it’s just the way things are… luckily, from time to come you can still come across the rare loving, selfless breeds. A good example of these genuinely nice, really, really loving and caring people are: Nicolle and Brian from Dear Little Lady. Okay, I’ll admit, maybe I’m a little more sensitive to the loving family thing lately, but jeez wiz, I get a little emotional when scrolling through Nicolle’s blog. There is so much love in their family, it just makes my heart so happy.

Husband, Brian was actually the one who contacted me about purchasing a sponsor spot for Nicolle for Christmas. How incredibly sweet was that? It’s so nice to find thoughtful and loving, family men out there! Then there are always sweet words and comments from Nicolle. AND then, the other day, out of the blue, I received a very unexpected pick me up gift from Nicolle, to help cheer me up with all the icky life things going on over here. The kindness doesn’t stop, it’s like, they just have so much love in their life, and want to keep sharing it with the people around them. How I see it: you get good karma for even knowing them 🙂

If the niceness alone doesn’t pull you into this loving family blog, then there are so many other things that will:
1. Love love love.
2. Audrey: a little miss handsome baby girl 😉
3. Nicolle’s adorable outfits: she even makes me want to put on skirts more often… and leaves me envious that she can pull off a jean jacket. It’s a hard thing to pull off, if you ask me.
4. Working mom: exclusively breast-fed baby! (you go girl!)
5. Baby-wearing: too cute.
6. Reading about all the overly sweet things Brian does for mama and baby <3

A few words from Nicolle: 
“A little about us…we are pretty low key for the most part aka boring 🙂 I breastfeed and babywear…super proud that I have been able to keep Audrey formula free even while working full time. We believe in living as natural and organically as possible. We also believe in raising our daughter with simple values and teaching her that less can be more…praying she won’t feel the need to be glued to a iPad, tv, or cell phone or want all these other material things I see kids with. Reason #139 why we keep a tv free household. My husband and I are complete opposites in every way (except for raising our baby)..he is the “bad boy”, I am the “good girl” and 11 years later we still come back for more. We know life isn’t perfect and don’t strive for that…constantly learning along the way and always striving to grow more and more…”

So if you’re ready to bring a little more cheeriness, love, and wholesome &simple family living into your life, then please head over to Dear Little Lady and say ‘hi’ to Nicolle and fam. They are just so amazing. I feel lucky to *know* such loving people, and I promise you will too.