It’s going to be February, right? Jeez. I don’t even know what to think about that nonsense! Either way, it’s a great time for sponsorship. Our readership has grown a lot in a short amount of time. In the month of September (2011) we had an average of 71,000 page views. Last month? 91,000. It’s a great time to jump on board and be a part of this blog (and really awesome, loving community). I’m really not sure what’s in store for the future… not for February… or even next week… but things are changing around here and only getting better. Actually, while you read this post, I’ll be off testing out a new little adventure I’m jumping into… which hopefully will be the jump start to an even BIGGER adventure in the next few weeks and months. So vague, I know. I’ll give you one hint: its food related 😉 Cause you know… if I can’t afford to stay at home with my babycakes anymore… then I might as well be living a dream and doing something I love. 😉 I’ll give a few more details soon! If you’d like to sponsor us next month, please contact me at anytime! And of course, if you have questions, I’ve got answers 🙂
*Our extra large spot is booked throughout April, but if you are interested in reserving a space for a later month please let me know. 
Large sponsor package: These sponsor spots will rotate a few times during the month to give all sponsors fair exposure. Our large size package will include a group post featuring all large sponsors of that month. The large space is 35$ and is sized at 180 x 150.
Small sponsor package: These spots will also rotate a few times during the month. This option does not include a post, but is a great way to gain exposure at a really low cost. The small space is 20$ and sized at 180 x 75.
** we offer discounted rates for sponsors purchasing multiple month spaces.
**All sponsors are eligible to host a giveaway. There are a few requirements for giveaways, as we like to keep them to a minimum on the ohdeardrea blog. 


  1. i think i want to sponsor this month. but i can't decide if I want to do my blog or my shop! oh the decisions. I'll figure it out 😛 should I email you?