Happy New Year! 
We had a much, much needed staycation over the past day and a half. On our last (first) staycation, we stayed local, this time around we headed an hour south to South Beach. My mom was gracious enough to gift Alex and I a one night hotel stay for Christmas. She also stayed at my home to baby and doggy sit while we went away. It was so needed. We stayed at the Breakwater Hotel. It was seriously amazing. The room was amazing and the service was so incredibly helpful and friendly. We aren’t really ‘south beach’ people (I did live there for a while, but once I left, I pretty much never went back), so we spent most of our time sleeping, watching tv, or in the design distract in search of delicious food. Alex slept much of the time, while I happily relaxed with him snuggled up on me. We spent our first evening in the hotel room. Alex slept and I enjoyed a marathon of Portlandia. After, we headed out for pizza, came back to the hotel (where I had left my ID… so weird being carded!), and then headed out to a reggae bar. We spent much of our second day walking around… even though I had clumsily twisted my ankle the night before… it was a bit rough, but stubbornness will get you far 😉 We found tacos and mexican coke (vacation guilty pleasure) for breakfast and then made our way to the beach. We finished our night with a movie and of course: more food. Both of us left incredibly happy, full, in love, and a bit more relaxed. 
metro organic bistro // south beach living
our ocean drive, hotel. it was blocked off the first day due to new years and was a bit of a crazy show on the streets! 
ps. extra bonus? The products in the room were all vegan!
monday morning. 
waiting on breakfast.
making our way back to the beach.
my cowl from up a tree cup a tea: doubled as a champagne holder.
60’s vintage suit = winning. 


last stop: gigi’s = extra delicious. we ordered enough food for about three to four people. gluttons. 

And now… back to the daily (finally chilly) grind! Happy day, friends 🙂


  1. I love your bathing suit! more than anything! It looks like you had a lovely time, happy memories that it seems like you need to hold on to right now. And you have such beautiful pictures to help you 🙂 all the best xx

  2. A. That hotel is awesome(espec the wallpaper!)
    B. Your bathing suit is amaz!
    C. love love love looking at your pics!
    D. Happy 2012!

  3. Great to see you looking so happy. (Sorry for lack of intro, long time reader(lurker), very slack commenter!)

  4. Good for you! It looks like you had a great time (and took beautiful photos, as always)! Sometimes those little getaways, stolen moments with the one you love (whether it be a vacation or dinner or a late night cuddle) are all you need to reaffirm everything.

  5. i absolutely love that first picture!! reminds me of one i have of my parents from the good old days. just think that one day marlowe will be looking back on all this 😉

    so, ya, jon and i over order all the time. nothing wrong with being passionate about food and spirits!

  6. Im so happy you both were able to get away and reconnect, looks like you both had so much fun.

    PS love your 60s bathing suit

  7. You guys are too cute. Love the photo of you both holding suitcases standing in front of the car. Looks like a great and much needed trip!

  8. looks like you both had a great time together. you seem so happy. good for you, mama!