breakfast. always consisting of: some of kind of grain and one of two types of fruits… it varies depending on season. We’re back in strawberry season here in Florida (woot!). It’s quick and easy and then about an hour later we’ll do a bit more… either toast or an organic frozen waffle.
things on toast… with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber. side of strawberries.
(yes, she has a new thing with pulling one arm out of her shirts. She wants to be in the 80’s.)
more toast: sweet plantain, avocado, cilantro.
two kinds of soup… sweet potato, corn, and kale chowder and a french onion-esque soup.
I’ve been asked about Marlowe’s utensil usage… for the most part we rely on hands for meal time, but she has been asking (pointing and grabbing) for spoons more. She does fairly well, but obviously still does better with her hands. With soups I tend to give her all the chunks out of soups and keep the broth to a minimal. Sometimes she gets bread with the soup and she is all about the dipping.
french toast, pineapple.
chickpea patty, avocado with lime, steamed peas, and steamed broccoli with nutritional yeast.
an example of leftover usage. looks gross, but didn’t taste bad and was devoured by Marlowe. Cooked kale, cooked into tomato, sun-dried tomato, onion sauce, with an artichoke ravioli.
cooked kale with a black bean and salsa quesadilla.
more spinach pies.


  1. I love the one arm out. How cute.

    I have a question about the bread you eat. I've been trying to find bread recipe's I'm happy to use. They all seem to use obscene amounts of sugar or white, refined carbs. Could you possibly share a bread recipe you or Alex use?

  2. all yummy stuff! Ryland and Adriana both did the one arm thing- Ry still does it 🙂 I love it <3

  3. 1. Can I come share Marlowe's food? It looks SO good. YUMM.
    2. She is so freakin' cute. Her eyelashes! Her skin tone! Her one-arm out fashion statment!
    3. I love all your photographs. I am jealous of all the natural light you must get in your home.

  4. Totally digging the one arm out look. Very asymetrical and mod. And the bracelet rocks. I heart baby jewelry.

  5. You are doing such an amazing job with her. I really screwed up with my second child, let him eat some things he shouldn't have, and now he is a super picky guy. I sort of need to start at the beginning with him and see if I can turn it around. My first child ate like a champ and still does….her uncles all call her "brocollini"!

    Great job, I would eat all of that myself if I could!

  6. This is great. I wish it was strawberry season here … we wait until May, and I am already jonesing BIG TIME!!! Yum, Marlowe eats so well. 🙂

  7. I've been struggling lately with what to feed my son to keep it interesting so your posts are a lifesaver!

  8. I love this series! Raising a veggie babe myself it is always interesting to get some inspiration from what other moms are preparing. Great stuff and Marlowe is super adorable as always (love her rockin' the one armed look)!

  9. Ha, the "one arm out" thing is killing me, so freakin' cute! She just wants to have been born in the 80's like her mama.