So… it was about half a year ago that I wrote THIS POST.  And of course, I meant every word I said, but now, I feel slightly different about the whole thing… more laid back… less anxious? It’s good! Without the anxiety there’s less of a negative feeling associated with the whole thing (topbabyblogs). But still, like I’ve said before, I in NO WAY want to spam you with topbabyblogs. Zip Zero NADA– no spamming. Sure, I started off this entry with a beyond adorable image of my kid, cause I mean, look at it! That is beyond cute! But really, the idea of posting heartfelt images or exciting (or even really sad) news and then tainting the post with a huge VOTE FOR ME banner, is (still) kinda blegh. It ruins the real meaning of the post and makes the whole thing… a bit… commercial… a showcase? I dunno, something. Less meaningful, for sure.
While, I wont win a prize, make the news, or have anything really tangible to show from it, I do enjoy being ranked on topbabyblogs, I like a lot of the traffic it brings… and even more importantly: the new readers (and friends) I gain from it. When I first became pregnant, I really had no idea there was a whole world of baby blogs out there. Topbabyblogs was a nice resource— a jumping off point where I was able to find a lot of the blogs I read today. And I hope that by being ranked: other moms (and of course: non moms) will find my blog too. Considering how BIG the world wide web is, there really isn’t a whole lot of single-mama blogs out there. I mean come on— raising a child with a partner is hard and time consuming enough— so to do it alone and blog about it— well, it’s kinda ridiculous. But I do it, and I enjoy it, so… I’m hoping that through the efforts of topbabyblogs and more importantly– through the votes of my readers— we will continue to: grow, connect, relate, and gain from each other.
Like I’ve promised in the past, I will only ask ONE TIME for your vote (today! today is the day!). If you enjoy this blog (or even if you still hate it, but keeping coming back for more— cause you know— maybe you can’t quit it) then I would really appreciate your vote today, and once a day— everyday. Or of course, whenever you see fit (that’s everyday, right? hehe).

Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs
You can click the tiny banner above to vote or you’ll see the brown vote button <— somewhere over there, on the left, where it always is. I’d love a vote from you today (and everyday) and like always: I appreciate every vote (and comment, tweet, and email!) I receive from each of you, more than you know. Thanks for joining M and I in this (sometimes roller-coaster) happy, little, life of ours and thank you kindly for your support! 🙂

drea & marlowe

ps! Did you see my original post? OH MY GOODNESS! M was an itty bitty cutie pie! 
& the little yellow smock dress above? you can purchase similar ones: HERE. And I could be wrong, but I heard a rumor that there was more coming to the shop in the near future 🙂  
oh! &! I’ll totally be back with even more adorable pictures of M very soon… as soon as she lets me and as soon I find the time… which should be soon since my momma flies in tonight to give me a much needed hand! squee! <3


  1. Drea i love your blog..ive been following your blog since i was 5 months pregnant with my little princess..your blog and others inspired me to start one of my own and enter topmommyblogs..please feel free to stop by! I will keep voting for you! Ohsokaotiq/

  2. I'm glad you post reminders, because I wouldn't think about it normally and I freaking love your blog. I relate to you as a mother and a person and I wouldn't have found you otherwise. It's not annoying and I appreciate and understand the self-awareness you have to be a teensy bit embarrassed by asking for votes. Get it girl!

  3. p.s i've been voting for you everyday! :). Us vegan mamas need to unite 😛 or something like that…

  4. Thanks guys 🙂

    @lil muse lil: pffft. I was just over there and saw your bright pink shoes a few days ago! I'm just the worst commenter ever, remember? 🙂

    @mandolin: hi! Thanks dear! you're probably just a quick clicker! If you click too much it just randomly hit buttons and takes you to the page. I have been huilty of this. Click once… and slowly 🙂 and it should take you to the two owls 🙂 Thanks so much dear! Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Drea, I know you probably have a million emails and comments to get to, so I hope you see this, but I cant vote! I clicked on both links you posted, and it brings me to a list of the top blogs, your #4 (hooray) but i cant figure out where to vote. If i click on your picture on topbabyblogs, it just redirects me back here. Id love to vote and support you, just having some trouble….help? :p

  6. I might give it another go, who knows, but was on it literally months. Maybe no one likes my style I don't know ;). I really only do my blog for my photo project this year so I'm less bothered.

  7. No problem to vote at all drea, i've just joined tbb and i feel the same as you. feels naff to ask for votes all the time. so i just did the same, mentioned it once and hoped that peeps would vote from time to time. i think i'm creeping up a bit which is nice…hopefully so new readers will swing my way….
    glad you got the books ok, take care and enjoy a break when your mum pitches up! Sx

  8. She is the cutest, how could we not vote! I think you should put a reminder and link again every day you post at the bottom just so those of us who forget can remember to go vote again until the thing ends.

  9. alright, alright, alright… how could i not?
    come over to our side of the blog world and say hi some time soon. 😉

  10. As a non-mama I love reading your blog. You positivity in the face of adversity in inspirational . I wouldn't feel bad for asking for a vote – i'd forget if you didn't remind us

  11. Now that I'm up the stick I'll have to join this Top Baby Blog thingy. It just makes me nervous putting it all out there, especially since I'm not a traditional 'mom to be'. But lady, you make this shit look good! So I'm in.

  12. @cara: aww. When I first started this blog and joined topbabyblogs I always in the 250-300 ranking. But I always was excited every time i moved up and eventually more people found me and I made it further along 🙂 it all takes time!

  13. voted 😉 i never did much with top baby blogs but it is a nice resource. i'm glad i found you! minus the phish thing (insert smiley face) i would say we have a lot in common. hopefully one day we can meet up when we come to florida!

  14. I quit Top Baby Blogs a while ago, but I'm glad I found your blog (and others) on there. I just don't have the readership to even appear anywhere relevant on their website and it made me feel like crap…so I quit ;).