Just because it’s valentines day… (well… midnight of the night before and I’m deliriously tired, but still up….. ) here’s a card for you lovely people 😉
And of course, like last year, I am still giggling endlessly at someecards 😉 

I don’t know what all you lovers out there plan on doing for Valentine’s day, but Im perfectly content doing as little as possible! After all, it is tuesday, and that’s Alex’s day to watch Marlowe. Relax mode: on. 😉  Happy Valentines day!


    • I saw the dictator one floating around on Facebook! It's so good. Also I could sent the non committal cards to many people. They are great!

  1. happy valentine's day! all the freedenberg's love you dearly and can't wait to scoop up you two pretty ladies in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! <3

  2. Absolutely hilarious! Funny how sometimes we see things we can't change as an obstacle course.