I just wanted to share some of the recent gifts Marlowe and I have received that have been making me especially happy lately 😉 😉 😉
Salt! An extra nice gift I received from Mallory today! UPS came and I had no idea what it was or who it was from, but it was extra exciting to start unwrapping amazing little jars of salt. 
Books! Sarah actually wrote and illustrated these amazingly beautiful books. Marlowe is especially fond of Batty. 
Kristen is so amazingly sweet and sent me a bunch of vegan LUSH products 🙂 This stuff seriously still has me excited to shower everyday… even two weeks after receiving it 🙂 
Our love will never fade print from the very artistic Miss Igs.
*** I actually received this print forever ago as a sweet engagement gift. I was in the process of making that “Love is Here” piece as a banner for the wedding… and wanted to wait to snap a picture until the banner was done. I put A LOT of work, love, and time in that banner. More time than I’d like to admit, but I never finished it, obviously. There’s no need or hurry now. But either way, one day I will. Love is still here. 
Vintage rain shoes! Perfect for the hot Florida rain days– no boots needed 😉 c/o vintageshoelove
And lastly, I opened my inbox a few weeks ago to find a Modcloth gift certificate from the seriously-more-than-thoughtful, Nicolle. Of course I went for new shade and an organizer for all my crap 🙂
Thank you thank you thank you again to you lovely, thoughtful ladies. And happy weekend to everyone! It’s going to be a cozy one for Marlowe and I. Lots of rain, cuddles, cooking, and maybe a craft show. 😉


  1. What are in the Lush tins? I'm a SERIOUS Lushie and would love to know 🙂 I have so many suggestions for you!

    • one is a soap then other is a bar shampoo. I never tried a bar shampoo before, I am in love. So much lather and clean.

    • LOTS of time, energy, patience, work, and scraped fingers.

      Bought a thick gage wire from homedepot. Bent it into shape. Wrapped in over size pipe cleaners, then stuffing fabric, then yarn. It took forever. And it's still not done.

  2. They don't sell Lush in the Whole Foods in Tulsa, OK. I am going to order it online really soon and I can't wait to try it out.

    • I don't know if they sell it at my whole foods either. I know they do at Macy's tho?