The past few days have been quite enjoyable! With the help of my parents and their expert grandchild watching skills I was able to head down to Miami for a concert… not just one night, but two (Thee Oh Sees! Quintron! King Khan &The Shrines! The Togas! &more!)!!! Not overnight or anything, but you know… drive south, drive north, repeat next day. I recommended we eat at Gigi’s before the concert, everyone agreed, their stomachs were pleased…. and we even ended up there the second night for a midnight snack 😉 I was incredibly pleased to meet up with an old Miami friend the second night. It was pouring rain, and so incredibly crowded, but such a good time. 
Eric came by a lot this weekend to hang out with M and I. He’s using me for my cooking, I know, but I don’t blame him. 😉 (I’m only kidding of course). We visited Stitch Rock so Eric could drop off some new shirts to sell. We ate hot dogs (veggie dog for M and I) at PS561. I wanted to make a few fun purchases, but Marlowe, for whatever reason, had a whole different agenda planned for the day and was on a stubborn, stubborn little rampage. The only thing she wanted was to climb up and down and up and down the stairs. She screamed (SCREAMED) if she wasn’t holding my hand to climb up and down. I just kept thinking, “I wonder if this is what mothers feel like when their kids throw tantrums in public?” I know she’s at a tricky age where she knows what she wants to do, but doesn’t really understand a lot. Meltdowns and tantrums will just have to be expected at times, but man, how not fun is that? Today was much easier. Eric and I were on a mission for bike parts for my trike, then we took the little lady to lunch, and then spent the day at my house so Eric could play with Marlowe and I could experiment with my new mixer…. and create a disaster of a mess, of course. 
sleepies from stair climbing. &yes, I wore this shirt multiple days. The venue was smoke free and I have no shame. 

*Minor public tantrum aside, Marlowe has been amazing lately. She is more fun each day. I love her growing up. She’s pretty awesome. Motherhood just gets better and better. I’m a lucky mama…. until she’s old enough to start dating.. then I dunno, I’m scared. But thats a long way away. 

How was everyone else’s weekend? Good I hope! It’s been chilly and on and off rainy, but oh so nice! Happy Monday everyone… or 15 minutes to Monday, on a Sunday night 😉


  1. If you get sick of M and your mixer, I'll take em both off your hands! 🙂 So adorable.

  2. Fun fun! Also, I regularly wear the same thing over and over so long as it is somewhat clean and doesn't smell. No shame in an outfit repeat!

  3. Awe, the doggie/daughter photo is really cute. Did you ever have problems of him being jealous of baby? I'm afraid of that with my dog although I don't think it'll be an issue.

  4. My little one was a little over two before she started getting into the crazy-out-of-body-experience tantrums. I just figure its another one of those things we all go through that make us bad-ass ladys…surviving tantrums! Helps me to think that way on the hard days.

  5. Been reading for awhile, never commented before, but holy crap that photo of Marlowe and Jerry is the cutest thing ever.

    • haha yeah. This week has been a tantrum fest. Hopefully it ends soon… but probably not. Outings will probably slow down soon because of her nutty-ness.

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend. By the way, I love your hair. I wish I had the patience to grow mine out.

    • I *NEED* to grow mine. I've always had long hair. I went nuts and chopped it two months before I got pregnant then again right after… I should have left it long. My hair falls better that way.

  7. Marlowe is just the cutest! Her hair reminds me of my daughter's, constantly in the eyes except for those brief moments I can pull it back before she realizes the bow is way more fun to play with. 🙂

  8. Eric this, Eric that… lol. j/k. it's obvious he still loves you and it was probably super hard to see you with you know… what's his name. (i won't even say it)
    can't believe you were here and didn't say hi. j/k

    • har har har.

      I was going to tell you I was coming down, but it wasnt super lily friendly 🙂 Lets plan a raw market date soon?

    • we kind of ditched Lily this past weekend. Will and i went on a date to federal friday night and then art (crazy) walk saturday night. let's meet soon!

  9. This post made me smile the whole way through! I'm so glad you're getting out and having tons of fun, with and without little M! Can't wait to hear stories of that beauty of a mixer you got now 😉

    Much love!

    xo – Lisha

  10. Yay for midnight posts. I missed you this weekend! I'm about to type mine out. Sitting in Scarlett's room in her reading corner right now.. She stole my bed. Love my baby..

    Glad to see you had a wonderful weekend. I love rain! Here it was just cold! Blah!


  11. So shweet. I *think* our kids are around the same age and I know what you're talking about lady! Super sweet babes with the occasional my way or the highway, mama! attitudes. I got stuck on someone's door stoop the other day. Up, down, up, down.. what's that? Up again? o_O