her, always her.  
(this image is about a month and a half old. but you know, I still enjoy it.)
grilled avocado. 
the one week of cold we had.
new red shoes, bought off a mobile boutique truck. 
french onion-ish soup. 
morning dance parties.
I’m sitting on the couch with my mother. marlowe wanders off. I hear typing. not banging, or clanging, but typing. I look over into my bedroom to find that Marlowe has climbed on the bed, pulled the computer on her lap, and put herself to work. if you ever wanted to imagine what I look like while I blog, it’s like this, but I’m larger. 
meat free: banh xeo
an empty curbside
super bowl, not puppy bowl.
her, always her. 

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! It’s been pretty nice over here. I’ve got a few events to look forward to in the next few days. Also, my brand new pistachio mixerarrived today! I can’t wait to attempt some baking and I am definitely going to try these vegan marshmallows that Elizabeth had posted. ALSO! I finally found a baby bike seatthat fits on my tricycle! I can’t wait to trike around town with that little girl!

I’m gearing up to do a pretty big vegan beauty and body-care post in the next week or so. Since working on the truck, I appreciate extra beauty time more and more each day. Speaking of beauty time, M is sleeping and I think I’m going to take this moment to blow dry my hair for the first time in months 🙂 I’ve got dinner and music plans tonight and I am excitttttted! <3<3

&seriously, thank you thank you thank you again, for making us number one on topbabyblogs! I love you guys and this community. 


  1. you are seriously, the cutest thing ever. I love all of the pictures of marlowe- her hair is beautiful and she looks so happy. and hey! we have morning dance parties too 🙂 it's the best way to start them.


  2. You two are so adorable. That is a stunning photo of you, Drea. You look fantastic!

  3. you are reigning at the top! so exciting and love all these pictures. your style is an inspiration. also, please do a post on photo tips for SLR's. your's are always so bright!

    • dude. I had to question if SLR was camera talk. I know nothing about photography. I usually shoot in auto and mess with the light (whatever that option might be called…. aperture?) Sometimes I get really crazy and shoot in macro or the night option. 🙂

  4. new reader here, just got done drooling over your home tour! LOVE THAT COUCH!

    • Welcome! And thank you! I'm looking forward to one day cleaning all the baby slobber off of it 🙂

    • when it stops raining I'm making the hike to whole foods for ingredients! I don't even have sugar in my house right now. Some baker I am.

  5. im getting ready to buy my mixer and im torn between pistachio, aqua sky and baby pink. advice on how you chose? great pics Drea. glad to hear things are going so amazing and sweet for you!

    • I'm obviously partial to the pistachio, but all of them are gorgeous! I just went with something light and not too bold so I wouldn't get sick of it. also, wanted to be sure it'd match most of my cookware 😉

    • im now down to pistachio and majestic yellow..fuuuuuuudge. majestic yellow was husband's favorite and now it has crept up to a top choice.. thank you for your help Drea! can't wait for the new recipes!

    • they are very heavy, but great for people who can't ride backs 😉

  6. Those pictures of Marlowe are so adorable! So glad things are better. I live in Texas, so right now our weather hasn't made up its mind on whether it wants to be cold or hot. But I can't wait for summer to get here so I can bring out our bikes and go for rides (I have a seat for mine, so Emery can come along)!

    Oh! And the grilled avocado does look delicious!

  7. That bike seat is on my list of things I want! Such a clever design.

    and grilled avocado sounds extremely tasty.