A Marlowe heavy edition of Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things.  I’d also like to call this: “my camera is busted (for now) so enjoy these recent iphone pictures I took” post. 😉 Yep.

because sometimes you just need a huge watermelon after sweating your morning away on a truck.
one M’s favorite parts of the day. mine too 😉
little friends.
bird watcher.
spring roll night. {mushrooms, green onions, cauliflower, noodles, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, cilantro, radish, and tofu} I definitely over did it.
a visit to the record store.
morning snacks on jingles head.
super mama. I deserve a good pat on the back for all I am able to accomplish in the morning before I am off to work. I’ve always got to make sure M has a good to decent lunch made while I’m gone. oh glorious chickpea patties, you are god in this house.
post nap face. (hairclip c/o: up a tree cup a tea)
&a sweet little video my brother made:
I just want to say thank you thank you thank you again for having us be number one on topbabyblogs. We were slipping for a bit yesterday, but are back on the top. I’m still in awe of your support. (**edit: haha. We’re number two again! I should have double checked before posting! Woops! Still incredibly grateful! Obviously.)
Thank you friends! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What an idyllic looking week! I'm still completely jealous of your weather being here in cold Canada. Although, I know come the spring/summer I'll be moaning because of the heat!

  2. I am having a really hard time picking out a play kitchen for my 4 year old (and 7 month old) because I am worried about the size. Would you say that M's kitchen might be a good match for a 40 inch kid, because it is incredibly cute.

    • Maybe?! I think they all kinda come standard size??? M is pretty tiny, but stand comfortably at it.. and can just reach the microwave part.

  3. Oh my, that is one sweet baby! May I ask, what brand is M's play kitchen set? I would like to get something similar for my aspiring little chef.

  4. i have been trying my best to vote daily and i am so so happy to see you on top! even if you go back and forth with second place, that's so rad!
    you deserve it mama!!! it makes me happy to see happy photos on your corner of the internet 🙂
    marlowe is so cute with jerry!!
    have a lovely weekend! xo