I’m loving this beautiful Florida weather. I love sticking my head outside the truck to feel a nice cool breeze. I love being able to make it home early enough (I’m usually home by 2:30) to spend some much needed time outside with Marlowe. When I come home she’s usually napping, I throw my things down, jump in the shower, scrub scrub scrub the smoke and grease off me, get dressed (well, half dressed), and depending on the time and what’s in the fridge I either: cook dinner or (preferably) prop my feet up on the coffee table and relax while I wait for M to wake up from her nap. She wakes up, we give big hugs, and then it’s playtime– lots and lots of playtime. Or actually, more days than not: it’s story time, which is great and all, but how many times can someone read “Are You My Mother?” before going completely insane? “How could I be your mother?” said the cow. “I am a cow.” sigh. So yeah, I’m loving this beautiful weather and so is Marlowe. On the days when I am too tired for a walk to the park, it’s nice to be able to just play ball on the deck 🙂  Here’s a little peek into our beautiful weather days…
hi mama!
plop down, put on shoes.
points to outside.
(please note the mess to the left and that the stroller is out! I’m getting much better at these things! There has even been a book under the ottoman for two days! Yes, I’ve been counting how long I can let it sit there. TWO DAYS. I’m also getting better at not vacuuming everyday. woot.)
is it playtime now?
I never want it to get hot again. Ever. This weather is perfect 🙂 

ps: There’s that smock dress, again! I’m thinking I might host another giveaway offering one to a reader. I know it’s not warm enough in most places around the world (yet), but they are great for layering anytime of the year… and it has been freakishly warm in most of the U.S this week. BUT, I’m thinking I might switch it up a bit and host the giveaway on the ohdeardrea Facebook for the first time ever. Whatdaya think? Ya’ into it? 🙂  I know I don’t post on Facebook very often, but if you do follow along then you know a giveaway for one of my mobiles just finished on another blog! Don’t miss out next time!  😉
pps: Thank you ever so much for all your votes from yesterday’s post. We made it up to number three! Thank you so much! Here and there, a few people mentioned that I should post a banner at the end of each post for a reminder… but that defeats the whole not spamming you idea! If you don’t remember to vote daily, that’s okay! I still love you!
&: Yes, she’s wearing a disposable. We still use cloth, but I don’t make my babysitters use the cloth if they don’t want to.


  1. I hear ya on "Are You My Mother?" I swear, I will be in the old folks home, not know my name, but will be able to recite every dull word from "Goodnight Moon." Such is mom life 🙂 I wouldn't trade it!

  2. @tia: you got our face 🙂 hehehe. you're sweet.

    @jen our happy family: wel, it IS seattle! 🙂 soon enough, I'm sure!

    @nicolerene222" thank you! us single mamas have to stick together!

    @kmy: aw thank you! glad you're here!

    @upswing 🙂

    @caseywiegand: gift from my momma…. they are minnetonka (sp?) brand.

    @heather sullivan: why oh why is it even called a SNORT?

    @momista beginnings: I made them! The fabric is from Ikea! First and last curtains I will ever make 🙂

  3. Oh dear, Drea! Where oh where can one find those darling curtains shown in the first photo (um, i think it was the first). Loving them. I've got myself a little Mia in my oven, and she'd just love em. Ok, a lie. Her momma wants em. I really need to stop using her to speak my mind (but it's oh so fun).

  4. Um, I am SO glad I am not the only one subjected to repeated doses of "Are YOU my Mother?" Dear LAWD that gets old. "You are not my mother. You are a scary SNORT!" Seriously? And I thought it was SO cute when I bought it….

  5. Just wanted to let you know that it's definitely warm enough most places in the world to wear that gorgeous little dress…like in Australia where I live! If only I had a little girl to wear it though…

  6. I am so happy I have found your blog. Now to go back and read all about the things I have missed – best I make a cuppa!

  7. Oh my gosh that child is adorable. And I am so jealous of your beautiful weather as I gaze out my patio door onto my snowed-on deck. If this dog even thinks about needing to go outside, so help me!

  8. marlowe is getting to be such a little girl. my son is 19 months old and i've followed your blog since he was just a wee little boo and it's amazing to see how much they change and learn and come into themselves. it's hard not to miss when he was smaller, but so exciting to welcome everyday he grows.
    anyway, i love your blog, and i can't help but follow at this point. i relate to so much- the cleaning, the organic cooking, keeping things simple, and just being in love with my child and being his mother.
    just wanted to say thanks for sharing and also wish you well with all your new adventures.

  9. Hi. I have never posted here before but I follow your blog and I love it. I was a single mama for many years to 3 little ones. I know it's a rough road and I think you are doing great.

  10. She is too too cute!! You should host one on here 🙂 I don't have a Facebook anymore! And the weather in North Carolina has been beautiful so I am already thinking of spring! 🙂

  11. She is seriously so cute…I feel like her and Ben kind of look alike! Glad you are enjoying your weather. We haven't had it so bad in NJ either, but nothing like you guys!

  12. holy flipping cuteness drea! she is amazingly beautiful and I am jealous of your warm weather <3

    ahem- we need more pictures of your pretty face, they have been missing on your posts lately.


  13. Sweet pictures. Marlowe is beautiful, and I'm glad your job is working out for you so far. I wish it was warm enough here for outfits like that! We had a handful of days last summer were my girls could actually wear their summer dresses without a jumper or cardigan. They are currently hooked on reading "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" every night, they both giggle hysterically doing bear impressions. Repetitive but cute 🙂

  14. @lil muse lily: psh it's beautiful here. It rained yesterday and brought in a nice cool breeze!

  15. Adorable! I can't believe how big M is getting! Seems like she's been coping well with you working. I laughed about the housework…my max is two days & then I turn into a grumpy mum because the house is so messy…but I don't know how one keeps their house clean with a toddler! It's actually impossible unless you're running around like a mad woman all day!

  16. So cute! It has been story time at my house with my 14 month old daughter too! Velveteen Rabbit has been read many. times. I am jealous of your FL weather!

  17. Marlowe is so big and cute and playful and i don't know what you are ravin' about this weather for because it's really not that cool. i had my ac on this morning.