Hello friends! The end of the month is approaching… and it’s that time again: Time to book March sponsor spaces! March is a great time to reserve a sponsor spot! Why? Well, one: Marlowe has a half birthday coming up and you better believe I want to do SOMETHING special for her. Also: It’s my birthday! I’ll be a big bad 27 years old this year… even though I already spent this whole past year accidentally telling people I was 27, but whatever. In general, life has been fantastic lately, and I don’t doubt that it will just continue to get better and better and bring us (and you) more and more… more food, recipes, photos, and fun.

If you’d like to sponsor this little blog of mine, you can check out the info page for a few more details, or just go ahead and email me!

Thanks! 😉 


    • One of the only places I actually buy dresses: Anthropologie clearance section. 12$ for the christmas clearance!

    • They do have incredible sales on their dresses! So glad you found such a lovely classic one. 🙂

  1. Too funny, when I was 27 I thought all year I was 28 and was dreading turning 29, it was great to find out I was off! I'll be 30 this year anyway so who cares anymore 🙂

  2. I just want to say I've been a sponsor for the past three months here at ohdeardrea, and Drea is a real dear, and it is totally worth it to sponsor her! xoxo