avocado, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, salt.  // avocado, cucumber, chili oil, salt.


  1. That looks delicious!!!! I love avocado and cucumber 🙂 though I am allergic to avocado but I will sit through the itchy lips and tongue to eat it!

  2. my most frequent "things on toast." What kind of bread do you use? Do you make it? It looks yummy.

    • I use a sourdough loaf. Typically Alex would make it. Now it's like pulling teeth for him to even bring me half a loaf…. so we opt for the "san fransico sourdough" from wholefoods. It's not bad…. better toasted.

  3. Yum, avocado and cherry tomatoes are my fave toast toppings! With lots of black pepper and a sprinkle of salt. Hungry just thinking about it!