I call this the “mama is tremendously tired and always forgets to take photos and honestly doesn’t even know what I’ve been feeding my kid lately, but it’s been, you know, relatively healthy” post.
pasta in vegetable sauce (peppers, mushrooms, onion, and carrots, sauteed with herbs and mixed with a table spoon of tomato paste… fancy)
plantains and things on toast. I don’t know what I was thinking… that little girl can’t really eat big raw greens with the teeth she has.
garlic mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted maple carrots, and baked smoked maple tempeh…. (shhh. pretty sure she didn’t eat the carrots)
things on toast. toffuti cream cheese, caramelized carrots, and raisins.
leftover veggie pasta, cooked kale, steamed tofu.
chickpea patties (seriously these things are great for freezing and such a lifesaver), white rice, avocado.
multigrain cereal o’s, blueberries, mini blueberry waffles, and a banana.
tomato soup with rice and veggies (peas, carrots, broccoli, mushroom, and onion)
tofu scramble and avocado.
junk food day. leftover garlic mashed potatoes, gardein “chicken”, and peas and corn.
Psst. By the way… I’m going to attempt to post at least one recipe next week. Have any preferences? Have you seen any photos that I’ve shared, but want/need the recipe? Let me know. I’m thinking maybe a soup since it’s still kind of soup weather (most everywhere else anyway!) Or I might make my second attempt at steamed buns soon. Interested?


  1. i need to start eating more like Marlowe. You have inspired
    me to mix more things together and make a soup! her food always looks so delicious! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. i need to start eating more like Marlowe. You have inspired
    me to mix more things together and make a soup! her food always looks so delicious! thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Heya!

    Just found this blog – you are beyond inspiring & bursting with loveliness & free-spirit! You and your Harlowe are adorable!
    Keep em' coming.

    Lots of hugs, ash x

  4. @amanda: my mom always says the same thing! She's so good at hand eye coordination… I think she puts all her energy into that instead of talking!

    @Amber and scott: you got it, dude.

    @Kristen Fleck: She is SO BIG!

  5. I saw in a previous entry that you said you were going to post a black bean soup recipe. I would love to see this! I almost bugged you about it on Twitter earlier, but I decided not to. 😛 My black bean soups are not my best creations, for whatever reason. I could use some inspiration!

  6. @jenn: No! It's def been a trial and error process. She RARELY eats beans whole. They have to be pureed (hummus/spreads) or in patty form (black bean or chickpea patty). She's picky about carrots now and about vegetables with weird textures.. they have to be cut much smaller. She has always had a pretty big appetite tho!

  7. @olivia grace: the tomato soup I make is nothing like that one.. it's very very basic… i just added the rice and veggies in for M to add more substance and nutrition to hers. (and its actually a recipe I stole from Alex four years ago. SHH)

  8. The tomato soup!!! It looks amazing and I would LOVE for you to share the recipe!! Please and thank you and you are awesome!

  9. Even on your "off days" I love the inspiration!! Sometimes I just don't know what to make my baby. Does Marlowe eat everything you give her? I feel like Addison (who granted is about five months younger) doesn't have the hugest appetite. xoxo

  10. yum, yum yum! I want to try all of your food- Adriana would LOVE it all!

  11. LOVE the things you guys eat…and by things, I mean food, cause it's all pure and real food! I definitely want to feed my Baby Bean like this once he gets to that point in life:-) Until then, we're still getting a few of those "junk food" kinks out of our system! ha. xoxo