This past weekend we ventured out west to Lion Country Safari. A late birthday treat for me, but really (and more importantly) a big, huge exciting adventure for Marlowe.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves on this one… but I will say: I’m happy all of Marlowe’s dreams came true… you know, being able to be surrounded by a million (big exaggeration) birds and what not. 



**Most of these photos were taken by my brother. You can see even more photos HERE, on his flickr.
**yes, all the cool moms do wear safari hats out in public. 
**yes, Marlowe was not properly in a car seat for half the drive-through experience… which I’m totally okay with, since the speed limit is, you know, 5 miles per hour. We flipped the carseat to forward facing so she could get a better view, but she still couldn’t see much of the really good stuff. So out she came, onto our laps, because the bigger issue are the rhinos crossing in front of your car, and not other vehicles. 

We were going to have a little beach day today, but it’s pretty soggy out there. Marlowe’s first beach day is probably tied in adorableness with Lion Country Safari (in my opinion, anyway). You can see photos: HERE and judge for yourself, but her little face is just too much.


  1. Favorite photos: zebras and Marlowe cocking her head to the side to watch the bird drink upside down. Great images, pass compliments on to Mark.

    -Hannah L.

  2. drea .
    you can definately see the change in you. you seem so
    happy, exhuberant, full or life, etc. .. as does marlowe.

    hope yr loving life now that yr living it 😉

    ps : is that eric i see in yr zoo photos?

    😉 😉 😉

    • Very happy 🙂 (I accidentally just typed "very very": happy freudian slip)

      Yes that's Eric. He's always been around. We never stopped hanging out with him, just don't post about him regularly anymore, but we do enjoy him 🙂

  3. Looks like a super fun day! Great photos, what a talent but I guess it's not hard when you have such a cutiepie as the subject!

  4. oh drea, how terrible of you. no carseat?!! THE SHAME!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    this looks super fun and I've gotta say, I'm a little jealous!

  5. what an adventure! we are staying in they keys right now, and were going to take a trip up to south beach but the rain had changed out plans a bit. what beach do you usually go to? do you know of any other kid-friendly beaches/adventures around the ft lauderdale/miami area?


    • I hope this comment back isn't too late (i've been slacking), but I usually just went to south beach for the beach. I didn't go very often. Fort Lauderdale has a great children's Museum. Miami has a zoo, but its actually pretty south of Miami. There is "robert is here" in Homestead for produce, shakes, and animal petting. I would def. pick up a Miami New Times they always have a list of family friendly events going on!

  6. AWWW Perfect photos!!! Can't wait to go to the zoo when I move back to Florida! My little girl is going to love it!

  7. Eeep!!! These pictures are SO freakin cute!! I love her outfit, and it looks like you had a good group to come along with you!! Her facial expressions are priceless 😉

  8. Oh those are so sweet. My little one is 16 months old and I am very much looking forward to taking her to the zoo this year as well! The picture of Marlowe holding the bird food and the little red bird eating out of it are so precious. Looks like a fun day, thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Those pictures are beautiful! What a fun place to go as a fam! I love that you wore that hat- if you're going to go on a safari, you have to go all out, right?


  10. we took hendrix there on our vaca last may and we loved it! I went as a kid so it was fun to bring my own little one. we didnt buckle H in at all for the ride. Did you feed the giraffes? That was our favorite part.

    • No! We missed the giraffe feeding! We left at wish and the feeding wasn't til 3/330 or so. There was no way M was going to make it that long. Hopefully next time.

  11. You both look absolutely beautiful! I love Marlowe's top too. So cute! And of course every cool mom wears a safari hat in public, that's a given. LOL! I wish we had something like that around here so I could take my daughter because it looks like all of you had a great time! So glad y'all were able to enjoy yourselves!