Well, the past few days have been a complete success. I really had a wonderful birthday. Really really. It started off thursday night with a lady date. Dinner, then drinks, then dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. Without a babysitter, I was unable to work Friday. I had mixed emotions about this. One: I was pissed. Two: I was happy to be able to relax in the morning, after going out the previous night. Friday was a planned zoo day… but didn’t really work out. Both of the other mamas bailed for different reasons, a proclaimed: “hangover day”. I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed nostrils from the bar…. oh how my body hates the smoke (please change your laws, florida), but other than that I felt pretty good and very happy 🙂 Marlowe and I made up for the postponed zoo day by taking a long, long walk around town. Instead of the stroller, we held hands and took the long way around the neighborhood. Afterwards, we came back and had lunch… and after that? Marlowe’s gift to me: a three and a half hour nap! Glorious! Friday evening I made pizza dough for the first time ever. I was very impressed by how well it turned out. I was expected a big red fail mark on the pizza, but no, it was mighty delicious. Saturday became the new zoo day with one of our bailing mama friends 🙂 It was Marlowe’s third time… and favorite time. Jaw dropped and pointing every step of the way. Woofed at the deer and chased the birds. Afterwards: nap for the kiddos and relax time for mama. Perfect weather, lots of sunshine, iced coffee, and lunch, all while the babies napped. What else could two mamas want? Saturday night I had a planned babysitter with the grandparents. Exhausted beyond belief, I debated on staying home… I thought, at the very most, I wouldn’t make it past ten. Instead? Sushi, followed by band watching, then heading downtown to one of my favorite spots, then dancing, lots and lots of dancing.. dancing until the lights slowly brightened and the music softened. Then? A 5 am diner meal. Wow, what a good way to into a new year! Sunday was my actual birthday. I spent the day organizing the house, cleaning the porch, eating biscuits and gravy, laying on the couch, and ended the evening coloring with Marlowe. The best birthday (week) I’ve ever had. Usually (almost always) hating my birthday, I would have been content sitting at home, forgetting this day of the year even exists, but no, everything seemed to easily fall into place, just as it should have. It was perfect and more than I ever expected…. the first birthday (week) I’ve ever really loved and enjoyed.

a concerned look while three way chatting, during nap time, in order to figure out fancy, but rain and wind friendly outfits // a pained food face // mezze platter // secret spot with four beautiful ladies. //  a blurry cheezin’ too hard // dancing dancing.
>> FRIDAY <<
mom life // the most beautiful baby in her most glorious nap // p-i-z-z-a. gimmie pizza.

emily and lily // coordinating is for the birds… or is it? // deer/woof-woof watching // she didn’t want to be a bird // but couldn’t stop looking for birds
pointing // pointing // pointing // pointing
The face, it never stopped // &another gift from Marlowe: learning how to climb into her seat. Makes two-door car life with a toddler much easier.
photo 3
*knowing* I’ll be home at 1030… refusing to get dressed, but putting on red lipstick to make my un-washed bun in hair and canadian tuxedo look a tad bit nicer.  Oops // Sushi dinner // Empty 5 am diner life.  

messiest and milkiest biscuits and gravy // the end to a good week.  

Thank you so so so so much for all your birthday wishes! Between here, twitter, and instagam, (and non internet life too of course), my day was FILLED with so much birthday love. Thank you guys for making my day even more special 🙂


  1. looove that pic of you and marlowe with her feet across your neck. so cute. and looks like a great birthday, drea. you deserve it!

  2. Love it!! I have a question. You made the biscuits and gravy, right? Wellll, how did you make it vegan?

  3. Love the photo of you and little legs. Glad your birthday week was so great- you deserve it.

  4. For a second there I thought "Hey, she found someone wearing the SAME outfit as her while out dancing" then realized it was your reflection hahaha. I'm a nerd. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Looks like it was great =)

    – Sarah

  5. the zoo pictures had me cracking up all day the day you were posting them. her face….. i die. glad you had a good birthday weekend, my dear!

  6. Oh my god the look on her face at the zoo has me loling. So freaking cute. Glad you had a great birthday!

  7. looks like an awesome birthday week. i love the unwashed bun and red lipstick look on you 😉 that's always my go to when i haven't showered. it's amazing what a touch of lipstick can do. lol.

    gah, i miss those late nights of dancing! i didn't realize florida still had smoking in bars. that i don't miss! i can't believe at one time in my life i was a smoker. gross.

  8. Looks like an amazing weekend!

    And no one really knows the pain of a 2-door with toddler situation until they live it! I feel for ya! We had temps over 100 all summer last year here in OK, then some snow and ice, and now rain….that and I have a almost 6month baby belly and a toddler and a 2-door….you can imagine the fun I'm sure lol!