This weekend has been quite amazing. There have been many firsts for little miss Marlowe… many very, very exciting firsts. Raising a newborn by myself had been very difficult and challenging for me, but this stage? What a blast! Sure, having a toddler isn’t as easy as being kid free or as easy as owning a pet, but it’s a hell of a lot easier than the newborn stage. (Yes, I really did compare pet owning to raising a kid. They both require some sort of responsibility). And it’s something that I not only enjoy, but really love. Every day Marlowe puts the biggest smile on my face, and multiple times throughout the day I catch myself throwing my head back in a deep crazy looking laughter with all the cute things she does. She cracks me up and melts my heart. She’s seriously such a good little kid (note: I said “kid”, not “baby”), and I’m not just saying that because I am her mom or anything, she really is a great kid. Okay, anyway, enough with my mom boasting… sheesh.

Where are you going!?

Saturday Marlowe and I both slept in (8:50! woooo!). We woke up, had a quick breakfast, packed a few things, jumped in the car, and drove south to Miami. We met up with some friends (Claudia, Lily, &Will too), and had a really great day on South Beach. Marlowe’s first time on South Beach to be exact! Marlowe enjoyed her very first tea time with miss Lily… where all that invisible caffeine got us awake and ready to take a nice walk. At the park, there was Marlowe’s first ever attempt to go down the slide by herself. Up and down and up and down the stairs she went and after about her 20th time she was ready for the slide. She still hates the swings, but I’m so incredibly pleased with the slide loving. After, we walked to Lincoln road. We shared lunch (avocado and grilled tofu salad). We walked along the crowded path where Marlowe had a blast chasing birds.
After a long, exhausting, sunny, and fun day in the sun, we said goodbye to our Miami friends and headed back to Lake Worth. Oh how sad. If it weren’t for the Miami traffic and the cost of living, I would love to move the both of us back there. Ohhh maybe one day… people will lose their need of cars and rent and food will be magically cheaper, and then it will happen: we will be living in a place with more culture and excitement. We can dream, right? 😉


Not long after arriving home, Eric came by… so we could take Marlowe on a bike (tricycle) ride! Another HUGE first for her. Oh boy, did she hate it. With a banana in hand and many, many distractions: “Look at the bird! Oh my god, do you hear the birds? Where’s the doggie?” we were able to take a quick ride to the park…. and right back home. Half the time she was fine and in search of birds, the other half she whined. I don’t think she’ll ever love bike rides and I really can’t blame her. I mean, look at me… still unable to ride a two wheeler— I was a scared, scared, stubborn child. BUT hopefully with enough tries, more treats, and gentile persuasion, she will grow to love bike rides.

Currently, it’s a few minutes to midnight, and I am in bed with Miss Marlowe. Bedtime came early tonight, but so did the wake up calls. Nothing seemed to calm her so I made my way into her crib to lay with her. This relaxed her, we snuggled and she drifted asleep. I crawled (ungracefully hurdled my way out of the crib) and found myself back on the couch. 15 minutes later… she was up again. She has a few molars breaking through, and I’m almost certain she under-going a growth spurt. Hopefully this will pass sooner rather than later, because I’ve learned to almost enjoy my sleep 😉

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. If its even possible, we had an even better day on Sunday. It’s a picture overload, but oh man, what an amazing and fun day.
Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be back soon with pictures from our safari adventure 😉

Oh! And HERE is Marlowe’s first (adorable, fun, and busy) trip to Miami.

***Park photos were stolen from Claudia
Bike ride photos stolen from Eric
Looks like I might be borrowing a camera from my brother soon. Sorry for the cell phone photo overload. 


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend!! Brees whines on the bike, too but I think it's more about the helmet. She pulls on the chinstrap the entire time!! Just keep at it, they get used to it and eventually love it.

  2. What a lovely day! I'm currently on the search for the perfect bike, to which I can attach a seat for my 18 month old. I hope he likes it! I would love to have a two seater, but I don't think it would work here in DC. I also drool over a Madsen bike and carrier!

    • oh no, I'll never learn. I pass out when I injure myself…. mostly when I hit a bone pretty hard. BAM, out in the road. It's too risky for me. Marlowe will have to though!

  3. Love the photo of Marlowe having tea 🙂 And your trike, can you say, AWESOME?! 🙂
    Love your blog!

  4. oh how fun! We still haven't been to Miami yet….really need to get on that! You'll have to tell us all the good places to go.
    and Marlowe IS such a good, sweet, lovable kid. she's got a good mama too. <3

    • I want to maybe go next saturday. Lets make a day trip out of it one day!

  5. Oh what a fun weekend- your little one is so adorable. I love the picture of you guys on that bike! Adorable! 🙂

    Your new bloggy friend,

  6. So other than Marlowe not enjoying the bike ride, how do you like that child seat? I have it saved to purchased when my daughter turns one.

    You and Marlowe look like you guys have a lot of fun!

    • Honestly, I don't love it. I bought it because it was the only one that would work on a trike. :/ I saw look around and try them all out and see which one works best!

  7. omg i love your denim dress! and ADORE the bicycle pics!!! You are both just too cute for words! 🙂

  8. This was a great post. I loved reading every bit of it. Is that your friend's daughter's little yellow kitchen? I'm in LOVE with it. that's so funny about the bike. Even though it may not be either or your fav recreation, you both look adorable doing it =)

    – Sarah

    • I thought about stealing every other item in her room…. actually I want everything in their house 😉

  9. Yay a wonderful weekend! So glad you got to enjoy it.
    And I totally agree that it would be amazing if we didn't live in a car-based society … though I am a decent bike rider 😉

    • I walk pretty much everywhere. I drive to work and whole foods but thats pretty much it.

  10. yes, we can dream. we had a great time with you ladies and you are both welcome any time. glad you put M on the bike. make that your local means of transportation and she will just have to deal and like it. eventually.