Okay, let’s imagine you are VERY tired… but you very, very dearly love your sponsors…. So you are sitting up, doing your best to write openly and heartfelt-ly about how amazing they are. But every time you re-read a sentence you are asking yourself “does this even make sense?” <— yeah, thats me. I love these guys. I really do. I hope you’ll check each and every one of them out and do your best to make sense of my gibberish 🙂  
This Little Blog Of Mine has been a sponsor for a little while over here on ohdeadrea. I always rant and rave about how cute little T is…. I mean look at him^^! But this go around, I’m going to send you over to Jenna’s Photography blog to look at some really gorgeous photos. You can also “like” her photography site, White Rabbit Boutique over on Facebook 🙂  ps. green stuff
I like My Little Mustache. And I like Jess, a lot. She’s real. She tells her life. And she documents her real feelings about weight-loss and self confidence and real life. It’s refreshing. It’s not whiny. And Jess is incredibly sweet. Good read written by a good lady. 
I love Tiffany. I do I do. There is something that draws me in to her (and her little family…. and her blog). I her kiddo, Amos. He reminds me of my younger brother when he was little: chubby cheeked, blonde as can be, and just damn adorable. Be sure to also check out her creative work… and keep an eye out for a giveaway from her shop… it will be happening!  
The Fortunate Plight…. the makeover of an already wonderful blog… turned even better. Jenn: lucky wifey and lucky mama. She’s beautiful, funny, and incredibly thoughtful! So is her blog 🙂
If I one day disappear and you no longer hear from me… you can probably look for me HERE, in Maryam’s life… I’ll be somewhere behind all the coconut trees, covered in mango.
You know the deal: you get free domestic shipping on tons of amazing goods at Up A Tree Cup A Tea by using the code: “OHDEAR” at checkout.  And not just amazing, but up-cycled and re-purposed vintage-ness too. Also? For extra fun: Check out Up A Tree Cup A Tea’s new BLOG.
A blog about Jess, Jeff, Finn, and a small dog. They are all kind of (really, really) beautiful. Anybody who blogs (okay, not anybody) about bread bakeries and makes Easter eggs look THIS beautiful, is good (really good) in my book. PS. Teepee
Genuine love from them… and from me, for them.
Anna writes: “wife, mama, herbalist”. I would also add: babe mom, pretty freakin’ fantastic, and someone we would all want to sit down with and say “teach me something awesome about plants”. Go check out Anna’s blog.
There is something so addictive about this blog. I’m not sure if it’s the adorable baby, Biet… or her ridiculously fun (and well dressed) parent’s Belle and Gaby. Or maybe it’s just their love filled life lived in Brooklyn. Whatever it is, I’m a fan. 
A blog dedicated to a tiny lady, written by her more than beautiful mama, Nicolle. Also? Jealous that Audrey (little lady) wears hats and goes on swings… she needs to give Marlowe lessons on how to live a good life. 
What’s not to love about punk rock and pregnancy?

Because EVERYBODY needs a mustache

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am beyond pooped… still recovering from the flu, going to work, and getting out of the house as much as possible, because the flu….. well, it’s depressing. But 10 o’clock comes around… and I’m useless… just useless. I’m going to lay my head on the pillow and try to turn off. Happy Wednesday/Thursday everyone. Soup recipe soon!


  1. I love you Drea <3 I was having a bleh day. I't cheered me to see what you wrote about my blog 😉 will be sponsoring again someday <3

  2. Hang in there, lady! You got walloped. Thank you for the feature here, so nice of you. I suppose I should hook it up for April before the 1st. I'll email you to confirm! xoxo