This weekend was incredibly fun… every day was filled with wonderful people and good times. I spent Friday at the zoo with my kiddo, my sister, and all of her kiddos. I parked across the street from the zoo, in a park…. a park I might live in… because I put an offer on a short sale home in that park. eeee. I’m excited. I’ve been dreaming non-stop about landscaping and interior and exterior paint colors. Whites, yellows, and green-blues. I really, really hope everything works out. The house is not perfect, but oh dear, I see SO MUCH potential. After the zoo, we spent the day at my house and in my neighborhood. Four little kids is a lot! It’s a good thing they are all great, and adorable kids.
With this weekend being what it was supposed to be (my wedding weekend) I think my family felt… maybe… a little bad for me? Or not bad, but they just wanted to be extra sure I was happy (extra happy), and helped me out an extra bit with Marlowe and free-fun time for me. I was able to go out not one, but two whole party nights. It was a blast, but I’ll be happy not to do that for an extra long time. Two nights in a row is A LOT.  Lucky for me, I wasn’t sad this weekend, but instead, I was very focused on so many of the other things going on around me. Actually, I pretty much forgot saturday was my wedding day, until Eric mentioned it on the drive up to Orlando! So yes, this weekend was filled with fun, lots of it.
Friday night I went out for a few drinks with a friend. Unwashed hair, and unwashed clothes, and a big smile on my face (or maybe more of a smirk, but thats my excited smile too). Un-regretibly, I was out far later than I thought I would be and I embarrassingly fell asleep on the ride home (I obviously wasn’t driving). I guess this no sleep life has to catch up with you somewhere! 😉 I came home and passed out on the bed until my adorable alarm clock woke me up on saturday morning.
Saturday was mini trip day! Schedules changed, and people bailed, and so Eric and I packed up a few things to head to Orlando solo (is it solo if it’s two people, alone? probably not). I waited, not patiently, for Lisa, who ended up not being able to make it. We filled our phones with emoji tears. Eric and I ate, and ate some more, and walked a bit, but then ate more. I posted photos on instagam, and to my very happy surprise found out another instagram (single) mama that I adore was in town. Eric and I headed to a music show (the whole reason for the long drive up). We sat in the backbar, and I (maybe a little more patiently) waited for Kelly (Velevetkelly to the IG world) 😉 We drank, laughed, covered our faces for photos, and texted Lisa and other friends.

Sunday was brunch day… something I had been looking forward to for months. I met with Kelly and her friend again, we ordered biscuits with gravy and mimosas… and left pretty disappointed. The gravy was gross and I was sad (but happy knowing that I can for sure make a better version at home! And I do quite often!). Eric and I drove back… straight to miss marlowe. And that was the end to party, non-wedding weekend life… and back to normal, happy, single mama life.

Photos of my weekend:

friday night. beautiful weather, drinks, small foods, and some knock knock jokes too.

saturday: orlando
late afternoon dining.
food and more food.
pretty neons.
this was not mine.
kelly and I on a lisa text rampage…. but she did not come. wah.
sunday brunch.
single mamas meet, fall in love, and say goodbye.

picking up these two. how could someone not love this life?


I’m happy to get back to normal life. I’m overly swamped with things I need to do right now, but lucky for me, sleep is usually optional. I’m looking forward to getting back to work… but not looking forward to trying to find babysitters and make schedules that revolve around Alex and his schedule. Boy oh boy is it frustrating. Lucky for me, everything else in life is pretty good (okay, very good)… so really, having one complaint, as inconvenient and frustrating as it is, isn’t that bad at all. I just have to find better ways to deal with something I have no control over.

Today (and everyday this week) will be busy busy busy. Happy Tuesday everyone!

oh! ps! Are any of you mamas in the orlando/winter park area?? There is a Great Cloth Diaper Change going on Saturday, April 21st in Winter Park! You can register at Fairytaledeals.com AND if you register before the 19th you receive a free cloth diaper! The only catch is you have to bring in a diaper to trade in! I’ve never been part of CD change, but it seems like something fun!


  1. Oh. My. GOSH. Cutest thing just happened. I was scrolling through really quick to check out your recipes and photos, and the 3 year old boy I nanny saw the black&white photo of you on this post and said, "ooh mama!!" haha He thinks you're pretty 😉

  2. Is it just me or does Marlowe have some big baby feet?! 😉

  3. I only recent;y started hearing of cloth diaper changes: after my boy has already grown out of his and is swiftly on the road to potty training! I'd totally go otherwise, because it sounds like a great way to meet like-minded people! Lovely weekend photos, too. =)

  4. These photos are awesome, Drea, especially the fan and the garden, and the photos of you! Glad you've got a camera to work with again! xoxo

  5. Looks like a very lovely weekend, indeed! And yay for the Great Cloth Diaper Change! I'll be going to one here in town in Tallahassee 🙂

    • Im always, always nervous around train tracks! luckily, I don't think these are/were used much! 🙂

  6. That picture of Marlowe and Jerry totally cracked me up! ha ha so great!

    And glad to hear you're doing very good!

  7. You're so pretty. That first picture is absolutely stunning. Not that you don't always look great, but that one in particular I like.

    I am happy you had a great weekend in spite of the fact it wasn't the weekend it should have been. Your family sounds pur-ty awesome to lift you up like that.


  8. I'm so glad you spent a great weekend with family and friends. How funny that on the weekend you were supposed to get married you end up submitting for a short sale instead. Sound meant to be if you ask me 😉 Good luck with that.

    – Sarah

    • honestly… i never thought about that.. but now that you mention it… i think you're right… i've had the feeling lately that *this is how it was supposed to be* and I didn't write about the chain of events that led me to find that house in the park… but more and more I think "yep. this will be my house". Thanks for reminding me of this 🙂