I feel like I’ve been a funk for a while now…. not sad… definitely not sad… but this whole flu has thrown me off. Life has been off. Every once in a while I want to throw my arms up in a boogie… singing and dancing loudly… and then the rest of the time, I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep… which I do. M naps with her feet high on my body and face… and I nap.
I’m not used to being this tired. I want to wake up after a night of rest, ready to go, like I was two weeks ago. I want to get up, throw on some clothes, start my day, and go go go. I’m starting to question if it’s still the flu messing with me (I’ve heard it is) or if I need to make a change. I rarely eat sweets… but when my sweet tooth kicks in… oh boy, does it kick in and I grow tired. Sugar makes me tired and it’s currently in an upswing. (Give me chocolate.) I question, do I need to cut out sugar again? Or should I start drinking caffeine again? Is it more of my hormones acting up and regulating? Am I lacking a vitamin or something of nutritional value? Probably not– but you never know— I really don’t know.
It’s midnight. I’m drinking wine. “Wedding wine”— yes… “wedding wine”. You know.. that thing that was supposed to be taking place soon, very soon?  Fourteen days until my would have been wedding. Yeah, that. And surprisingly… I’m not sad… or upset… or anything about it. It’s just “wedding wine”…. bottles and bottles of wine that were ordered for a wedding that was supposed to take place. It’s not taking place… and I’m not sad. I’m not indifferent… I have emotions, thoughts, and feelings– much like anyone would have… but I’m not sad. Thats okay, right? I think that may be more than okay.
It’s April. A month for celebration. Whether it’s getting married—- or not getting married— unexpected twists and turns… celebrating the weather— or just being happy–  It’s April and I’m looking forward to this month.

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And happy April, everyone. Enjoy every second of it… after all it is the only April you will have this year 😉


  1. I'm also in a funk. Maybe it was the winter? The fact that it's not quite springlike yet?

    I think all your emotions are normal <3

    • Oh no. Def. not the winter. Or the spring. Here in Florida, it's been 90 degrees all week and never made it below 50 this winter!

  2. Im in a funk to, I blame all the dang easter candy, you don't even have to eat it you just smell it and it puts you in a funk. But all kidding aside I hope you feel better and that you kick this flu's as@. I hope that April will be the most amazing month for you this year

  3. March, as I wrote about yesterday, is always a rough one. Just because the calendar says its spring doesn't mean that everything comes up roses. I read that March is a statistically more difficult month for humans emotionally, and I totally agree. xoxo

  4. I have been there too! Often. Luckily these days come and go and the more energetic days come in between. Hang in there!

  5. "Life has been off. Every once in a while I want to throw my arms up in a boogie… singing and dancing loudly… and then the rest of the time, I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep… which I do."

    This is just how I've been feeling lately. I truly think Spring is making us all feel "off" … I hope that this passes quickly for you!

    And I think it's not only okay, but really healthy and indicative of how right your decision NOT to get married this month is, to not be sad.

    • SO MANY people have said they feel off this week. And SO MANY other people have mentioned the mercury retrograde. Maybe there is a correlation!

  6. this will definitely be a time of healing for you… i'll keep you in my thoughts this month. (having wine, even wedding wine, won't hurt 😉

    • I drank more of the wine last night. It was delicious and now I have a delicious headache 😉

  7. your post is speaking to me, mama! so this whole "it feels like summer but we just got over winter" thing always throws me off a bit, too. it can be frustrating not knowing what that "something" is that is making us all feel, just not quite right. but i think it is ok NOT to label it and go with how you are feeling, becuase after all…that's sort of depressing, don't you think!? so know you are not alone in how you feel, i', pretty sure the rest of the world does too…just in denial about it. anyway, thank you for your honest posts…i appreicate them so!

    ox, amanda


  8. hi mama. i know how you feel and sometimes i question all those things. so, cut sugar for a bit and see how you feel. make a change. in your home. that is always my answer and always makes me feel better.
    it could also be just the changing of seasons and of course we were under mercury retrograde for the past month and that never helps.
    hugs and kisses

  9. Happy April!
    I go through stages of wanting to sleep constantly, and not being able to focus on anything, I try and brave through it and know it'll end soon, which it always does!
    Youll be back up an running in no time