Hello friends! I know this is late…but I wanted to give you a post from last months XL sponsor 🙂 The ladies of A Sprouting Acorn are here to give you TWO fabulous easter egg ideas for your easter sunday evening. 🙂 If you didn’t check out A Sprouting Acorn, I REALLY recommend you do. The two ladies running the blog, Michelle and Andrea, are incredibly sweet, fabulous, and creative mamas. Everything on this blog is so bright, cheery, and wonderful. There are so many great craft ideas that will really bring an extra touch of awesome creativeness to your life (if you use pinterest, you’ll go on a pinning spree. Seriously— look how neat this idea is!). And one of the best things is that there is a little bit of everything, so no matter what you are into, you will find something you love. Be sure to stop by A Sprouting Acorn and say hello to these really wonderful women!


We’re Michelle and Andrea, best friends raising our respective boys on opposite coasts. We blog about the things we do, the things we like, the things we eat, and sometimes even the things we make! Come and visit us at a sprouting acorn!

For ohdeardrea, we decided to do a “joint” Easter project. And no, sadly, eggs are totally not vegan, but they are pretty fun for Easter.

From Michelle’s home in New York: Thumbprint Easter Eggs!


These thumbprint easter eggs were pretty easy to do. All you need are hard boiled eggs (you can dye them first if you wish; I didn’t), an ink pad, an extra fine point Sharpie, and of course, some thumbs! Sounds pretty simple already, right?

Use the ink pads to make thumbprints on the egg. Carefully check that the ink from the ink pad has dried completely before drawing in details with the extra-fine point marker. Your thumbprints can be used as a template for any design your heart desires: Easter bunny, chicks, shameless blog plug… anything!

To Andrea’s home in California: Easter Egg Frittata.

If you don’t hard boil your eggs, but instead you blow them out (here’s a video on how to do it) what are you to do with your left over eggs? You can’t possibly waste them, so make a frittata!

I roughly followed this recipe from Alton Brown, but I didn’t use ham and I added tomatoes and onions. It’s a pretty basic recipe and you can use whatever you’ve got on hand to make this following his basic steps.


Pop the entire thing in the oven and you’ll get a super yummy, super simple frittata!


Have a wonderful Easter all!!


**And yes, this blog is vegan based…. and this little posty-post is about eggs, which you know… aren’t vegan. But I’ve been asked several times, and I’ll say it again, we’ve got no qualms with eggs… just as long as the chicks are cage-free and well taken care of 🙂 AND I really love the idea of not only decorating the eggs, but then using them to make something extra comforting and yummy for your family. Waste less, make more! 🙂

Thanks Andrea and Michelle! <3<3<3