Wednesdays after work…
I usually: rush home, shower, grab a snack, and head out the door to pick up Marlowe from my step-mom, who very graciously watches her each week. Yesterday, I rushed home and found a fair amount of packages at my door. Half were for me. Half were for my backyard neighbor. I walked to the back of my house to drop off the packages and to my VERY EXCITED surprise, I saw a few bright yellow mangos on the ground. I look up and: BAM IT’S MANGO SEASON. I showered, forgot the snack, rushed out the door, picked up Marlowe, and somehow managed to fit my dads extra tall fruit picker into my itty bitty two door car.
The tree: it’s filled! I am beyond ready. I want to sing a song with excitement. Or, since I refuse to sing: I want to do a little dance. I know it’s not mango season everywhere… or hardly anywhere for that matter… but it’s mango season here, and I need to be better prepared with mango recipes. Last year, I was late to the game, and spent a fair amount of time picking through over-ripened mango on the ground. I ended up with a lot of ice-cream (some of which is most likely still in my freezer) and a fair amount of mango chutney that I shared friends and family.
This year I will be making: pickled mango, chutney again (it was phenomenal), smoothies, and coconut milk ice-cream. I will not be making: salsa —-> do not want fruit in my salsa.

a tiny helper is important.
Tall friends are key when you are only 5’2″. Offering them mango treats, dinner, &cookies will always confirm their help.


The next few months are going to be delicious.
PS. An awesome recipe anytime of the year: Kathleen’s naan pizza (It’s SO GOOD)
Do you have a favorite mango recipe? I’d love to hear it.


  1. I LOVE mango season….and um mango margaritas are the best! Ours aren't ready yet, but I'm anxiously waiting!

    • I'm not usually a mixed drink drinker.. but I may have to try making mango cocktails! 🙂

  2. Personally I love a good mango salsa, especially with fire-roasted tomatoes, and it has to be hot. You need a good spicy heat to balance out the sweetness.

    I will pay you to send a jar chutney to MA.

    • I don't know. I just don't know. I guess I'll try it with fire roasted tomatoes 🙂

      Let's see how much chutney I make 🙂

  3. whaaaaaaaaaa? I LOVE mango salsa. Especially with fire-roasted tomatoes and lots of heat. I think that's the key, to make sure it's spicy enough to balance out the sweetness.

  4. how lucky you are to be able to pick fruit right out of the air… I love the dried mango I get from trader joes. it is a staple in our house.

  5. YES! So great! And I love the call to Tall Friends. Also at 5'2", I enjoy a tall friend or two in my life as well. 🙂

  6. this is the main reason why I miss living in Florida, but I am lucky, my sister has a tree in her back yard in St Pete and she sends some up 🙂

    • It's one of the reasons I LOVE this rental. I will be sad to leave the tree!

  7. Mangos are my FAVORITE fruit. Best dried mangos I've had are from those convenient ABC markets in Hawaii…and I've been tempted to order them online. I should. Frozen mango cubes are a great treat to have in the freezer when you want something cold and sweet and are trying to steer clear of ice cream. YUM! Wish I'd find a mango or 2 in my backyard…not sure they do well in Cali. Hmmm…

  8. So jealous. You could make mange french toast, or waffles or pancakes, you can bake them in crisps, cobblers or baked french toast. You could probably even freeze it once you cut them up and peel them. OR make crepes!
    Have fun with your awesome mango tree.

    • I'll have to find it! It's one I found on the internet, but I left out the raisins!

  9. amazing! i love this post. i wish we had mango trees in our backyard. but seeing as we just had a big snow not going to happen any time soon! ps you look awesome! 🙂