These posts have been lacking lately, mostly because: I hated doing these posts with only instagram photos, and not because: I haven’t been enjoying things, because I have. Even in the crappiest of times (or not so crappiest of times) you’ve gotta look for the little things that can still bring a smile to your face. I miss you, pictures of recently enjoyed things, I miss you. No… I never got my camera working… and I’m in no position to spend money on a new one, so I’m borrowing one of my brothers cameras for the time being 🙂 In general, I feel like life update posts have been kinda-sorta missing around here. And while this doesn’t give you a full on life-update (not that you are asking for one anyway— I’m sure you’re not), this does give you a quick glimpse into some of the things I’ve been really enjoying lately 😉 Moods have been picking up around here and a lot of really good moments, things, and opportunities, have been popping up. It’s been quite nice 🙂

mama baby lunch together.
little feet.
taco time and gym shoes.
Tuesday dates with friends.
This day. Not so enjoyable when even a lollipop and video will not help your kid stop pointing and screaming at nothing… but nice to be able to look down at your kid and think “man. I love you even in the difficult moments”
Easter package from grandma (*abuela*). Admittedly, I don’t do much, or plan to do much for Marlowe on Easter. I’m not religious and buying a bunch of (mostly unnecessary) things to put into a basket doesn’t really appeal to me. That being said, part of me still really loves how into easter my mom is and I adore (ADORE) how thoughtful she is when it comes to gift-giving. I do plan on possibly making a few items for Marlowe next year, when she will (hopefully) appreciate it more… This year we bought a (well worth it) zoo membership and went on a search for birds and bunnies (hello new park, play area, distraction on hard days, spot to tire out your little one, and learning tool). Not featured in picture: a new bikini for me from my momma. Can’t wait to use it this week (the truck is going on a few day vacation)! Also: THIS was last year (Marlowe’s first easter).
mama baby walks, stroller free, holding hands— theres nothing better.
coffee (tea) dates in an empty shop with a friend.
an enjoyable and delicious dinner with a friend and (a surprisingly) well-behaved toddler.
ponytails and a few minute distraction so mama can finish up dinner.
smock dress: starbugaloo
made this soup from honest fare. It was delicious. It was a big hit with Marlowe too.
&a mostly clean, sunny home.
(Yes, there’s not one, but two floral couches now. I’ve moved a few things around for a more conversation friendly home. I swear the floral couches find me, I don’t find them.)
Today is my last day of work for a whole week. I’ve got two mini road trips, lots of friends, lots of family, and lots of food planned. I am excited. Have a wonderful Tuesday and a wonderful week!


  1. Hi Drea, I've been looking at your blog for a while and I love it! News about you and your girl, things on toast, all the fabulous photos, THAT sofa. All good. Hi from Bristol in the UK!

  2. Lovely photos! Your daughter is so precious and living at your house looks yummy. Love the toes photo 🙂

  3. That's where the best blogging comes from. When you actually take the time to enjoy life first. I loved reading this. The pictures all look so inviting =)

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  4. I missed these posts! Glad to have a new one 🙂
    Seeing Marlowe in her little smock dress makes me want a girl SO bad. I think my son's dad would protest if I put him in one…

  5. Those doors, that light, such a gorgeous home and beautiful little lady you have! Glad you stop to enjoy the little things and that you, in turn, share them with all of us! 🙂

  6. i really do enjoy your updates! i enjoy your blog and your picture perfect little girl. thanks for writing!! you are one super strong mama!

  7. i see you got rid of the changing table in M's room. looks good. it all looks good. let me know if you want to come down for the day. enjoy your week off!

  8. Loving your enjoyed things! I totally know what you mean when your toddler just points and screams and all of a sudden you just look at her (or with me him/Judah) and just think "wow, I love you more than life its self". Judah has been doing allot of pointing and screaming. Has gotten better but man it sure does drive you nuts when they scream for nothing.

    Your mom is the sweetest and cutest!
    Love the floral couches!!! I wish they found me! 🙂

  9. These have to be my favorite blog posts of yours. It's so easy to forget to enjoy the simple things when stress, misfortune, and negative experiences get in the way. Thanks for reminding us that even something as simple as tiny feet or a temper tantrum are what makes life so wonderful! Love your blog, it is by far my favorite on my daily reading list 🙂


  10. Man, you and your little girl are just adorable. I love reading your blog so much – I get so excited when a new post comes around.

    Basically, thanks for being awesome.

    Also, I love the other floral couch!