the other side of climbing (on instagram)
lunch dates.
all time favorite snack: a peanut butter sandwich and chocolate (soy) milk. note: I typed “sandwish” <– freudian slip.
zoo dates with cousins <3<3<3
fistfuls of sand and the best sun shade from urban baby bonnets! Ps. use code: “ohdear” for free shipping 😉
sun kissed.
mister rogers knows that you are special… in the bathroom.
late night wind-down.
demanding to take her baby for a walk…. then taking her baby for a walk.
because sometimes you need to go out of your way to make an extra big meal… for yourself. I made six (SIX) quesadillas for no one, but me (not to eat all at one time of course). Guacamole, heirloom tomato salsa, and yucca-garlic quesadillas.
thursday nights: back on the truck.
&of course… there are always a zillion more photos on instagram… like: Marlowe’s first kid-meal (*tear*) or my mustache (*more tears*)
instagram: ohdeardrea 🙂
ps. welcome non-iphone users! I hope you’re loving it as much as I am!
I got news that I won’t hear ANYTHING about the house for over a month… but I’m still looking forward to so much, and I hope you all are too!
Happy friday and happy weekend everyone!


  1. Oh how I envy your golden glow. I have hardly seen the sun for about 9 months now because I've heard it ain't the best thing to get too much of while preggo. Well, I'm 2 days overdue and can't wait for some sunny summer days to outdo your sun-kissed look 😉 I'm almost there. I also love your sofa!

  2. 1. Your daughter is THE cutest!
    2. Your house is adorable! so is your style. I especially love the couches <3
    3. Thanks for sharing your lives with us 🙂

  3. I love your writing and your photos, but the number one reason I keep typing in your URL is to see pictures of your COUCH. Majah couch envy over here.

  4. I love Marlowe pushing the stroller!
    Where did you buy her red shoes? they are adorable!

  5. Hey! The coupon code for the bonnet isn't working 🙁 I had one for O last year and was just thinking it was time to order a new one!

  6. OMG, how do you not lose your shit when she climbs like that? I gues it would be different for me if my couch was against a wall or barrier..

    • I'm lucky that this is the only thing she climbs on. When I tell her "no" she thinks its a game… and does it more… and quicker and careless. If I "ignore" her. She does it once, for a minute and slowly climbs down. 🙂

  7. Drea! I would love to know how you made your heirloom tomato salsa… I you want to share, of course 😉

  8. Your pictures are beautiful. I am hooked on chocolate almond milk right now. Warm it up in the microwave and it's better than hot chocolate for far less calories.

    • I haven't tried chocolate almond milk in years. I should give it a go again! thanks Jen!

  9. parker has that same melissa and doug puzzle thing. ANNNND i love marlowe's bonnet.

    that is all.

    • It was the weird shape. Even had this weird ridge in the skin. I felt it needed a picture for sure 🙂

    • the hats are great! you should! reversible! And organic fabrics too! 🙂

  10. Oh goodness- adorable little lady you got there 🙂


  11. I know you don't like banana, but add banana to that peanut butter sandwich and chocolate soy milk and you have my favorite meal. I especially like to have that combo while watching I <3 Huckabees.

    and Marlowe is just the cutest little girl.

    • I always debate on making one for M. I don't know if I could stand there long enough to slice the banana up thinly. I usually just peel and hand. 😉

  12. The downsides of having naturally dark hair is having our naturally dark stache's.
    Stache ladies unite!

    • I don't actually have hair on my upper lip! It's just very dark pigmentation I got through pregnancy! Thats just SPF I put when I go out in the sun (okay, its Florida.. so I put it on like, everyday). I wish it was hair though… then I could take it off better! Stache power!