To do:
-enjoy this moment, this week, and the future as it is. To know: this is the way it was and is supposed to be.

This week was supposed to be VERY different than what it is. I was supposed to be anxiously prepping and planning all the last minute details of a wedding— my wedding. I’m not. Very obviously, I’m not. But in all honesty, I am very happy. I’m not sure why certain things happen the way they do, but I do believe that things happen for a reason. And I do believe that this is the way it was supposed to be. I’m sitting here, cozy on top of my bed, in the middle of a perfect day, searching deep inside my guts and emotions, trying to find and feel a touch of sadness… but I can’t. Where sadness might be, there is me: sleepily relaxed, glazed with sun and sand, looking forward to all the upcoming events of the week. This week may not be anything like the week I was planning five/six months ago, but this week has been amazing so far, and I am certain it is only going to get better.

Today: A baby, a friend, the ocean and sand, delicious food, chocolate desserts, and a record store.

To do this week:
Thursday: A two hour drive north to spend the day in the sun with a wonderful mama friend, her handsome geeky husband, and the (other) cutest baby alive.
Friday: Wishful and hopeful thinking in the morning— looking at a house, in a park. Another short sale… and crossing every finger and toe I have, hoping it all works out for the better. Then: family, family, family. While there may not be a wedding taking place, plane tickets were still bought, and plans were still kept. I can’t wait.
Saturday: Another trip north. Two friends and a drive two hours north to the middle of Florida. Orlando here we come: music, beer, food, food, food…. and more food.
And the rest of the week: more friends, more family, more food, and just enjoying every unplanned moment of this free week and this unpredictable life we all live in.

In general, I have found myself making multiple “to do” lists in the past few weeks. Constant lists of fun (and not so fun) reminders of what I need and want to do. Last friday, I made a ridiculous to do list. I spent much of my night: on my couch, a glass of wine in hand, conversing with a friend, giggling. In the late, wee hours of the night, voice recording lists of fun, big and small events to take place in the future.
My (ridiculous) to do list:
-video game playing (Toejam and Earl. Anyone!?)
-re-watch (for the zillionth time) Return To Oz
-record shopping (check!)
-dream catcher making
-pancakes for breakfast AND for dinner and always
-harry potter world
-farm/food trip south
-cirque de soleil

I’m looking forward to this quickly planned and unexpected week. I’m going to try to keep coming back here as much as possible… and of course, I plan to take snapshots of as many moments as I can.

While I keep myself busy this week, tell me…
what is on your near future to do list? 
and what about your ridiculous to do list? 

Happy Wednesday, everyone 🙂


  1. toejam and earl. Toejam and Earl. TOEJAM and EARL. TOEJAM AND EARL!!!!!!!!!!!! I must go crack out my old Sega.

    Thanks for the reminder. xo

  2. oh those darn short sale homes! the one we just got was a short sale and what a pain in my a#@. it literally took months. hang in there mama. something will come your way and when it does it's what is meant to be 😉 thinking of ya!

  3. Omg…let's totally watch return to oz together. That movie scared the crap out of me as a kid but it was still one of my favorites!

  4. When we go to St Pete this summer or early fall we should get Judah and Marlowe together for a play date 🙂
    We are supposed to go to Orlando in October but his job might send him to Miami for a week this summer (before the Oct date) 🙂

  5. Thank you for showing us that happiness is a choice. Your positive attitude through so many life changes makes me a little less afraid of the future. You are a great!

  6. what a beautiful picture – you and your girl. I'd love to be on the beach with my boy at this moment in time.

  7. so good to hear someone just being happy!! so refreshing.

    good luck with the house.

  8. i love your random ridiculous list! it's funny how things work out but most importantly, you're in a good place with your daughter & family. you have everything you need & more! i see you having a lot of money in the future. haha. but really. you attract good things because you're a good person.

    her is my…
    to do:
    clean & organize the entire house. and garage.
    enroll the kids in some sort of activity they can do together. preferably dance.
    take a sewing class & a photography class for slr's.
    go to court & pay off my ticket that's over a thousand bux!
    start planning meals for the week.
    read ((actual books)) & drink more water.
    make scrapbooks for the family.

    ridiculous list:
    go dancing more often. or at least a handful of times this year.
    go shopping (for myself)
    make stuff
    take trips with friends.

    Have the best time with your loved ones!! xoxo

    • These are all things I need/want to do too! Especially dancing, reading, and water…. not the ticket though.

  9. HI, I just recently joined and while I dont want to tackle anything that brings up bad memories – why in the end didnt the marriage take place?

    Love the swimsuit! Great colour

  10. Thinking of you this week, Drea. Glad you'll have family and friends around you — and I think busy to do lists are a good thing 😉

  11. Harry Potter world definitely! I was there in Jan and loved it! You're entire list is great though-all things I would love to do.

    • I'm happy to hear that! My only fear of Harry Potter world is that I don't go on rides— at all. I'm okay with heights and most Magic Kingdom rides but everything else I have anxiety or want to gag. I'm hoping its worth it (it should be, right?) without any ride fun.

  12. Wow, lots to do for you! How exciting!
    This week I'm planning to sign up for college classes. Ahhh… I'm super nervous. I hope I don't back out ha ha

    Hope you have tons and tons of fun! xx

    • eeep! that is nerve-wracking! But you can totally do it, just as long as you don't back out! 🙂

  13. You should check out Ethos vegan resturant in Orlando (Lake Ivanhoe area) we go there once and awhile when we're in Orlando. Good for lunch! Or Sunday brunch. Enjoy 🙂


  14. omg. toe jam & earl was my favorite sega game everrr when i was younger.

    • They made other sega games? 😉 It's so good. My friend has the nintendo emulator. Cannot wait to play. I'm so glad someone else knows how good it is!

  15. You should check out Ethos vegan resturant in Orlando ( Lake Ivanhoe area) we go there once and awhile when we're in Orlando. Good for lunch! Or Sunday brunch. Enjoy 🙂


    • That was the NUMBER ONE thing to do on my orlando to do list! Cannot wait for french toasts and biscuits and gravy. SUNDAY BRUNCH HERE I COME. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. I LOVE Return to Oz also! I always ask people if they have seen it and no one ever has! Isn't it funny how life has a way of doing what it wants. I'm learning that lesson, too. 🙂

    Lauren Rebecca

    • I always make my friends watch it with me. It's so good.

      Learning lessons is good 🙂

  17. near to do list: graduate university after a wedding and a baby 6 years later. crazy todo list: one day take my family to Disney world. (esp harry potter!!)

    • Yay for graduating in the near future and YESSS Disney. Cannot wait to take M one day.

  18. Love this post and the pictures of you and beautiful baby M. You guys are so adorable and the love you have for eachother warms my heart. Love your blog 🙂


    • Madewell. Honestly, very very much on the pricey side. But I keep suits for 10 plus years.. and it was a birthday gift 🙂

  19. That picture of you both wading in the water is so lovely and I'm DYING to do the same with my little one. I love your perspective on things. Just keep planning awesome stuff with you and your little honey =) Hmmm lets see my future To Do list would have something like…. deliver my 2nd child sometime soon and eat a lot of bacon. My ridiculous list would maybe consist of doing a Disney Cruise or something. Things I would have scoffed at before I had kids and now embrace since everything is fun thru their eyes 😉

    – Sarah

    • I'm actually quite scared of the ocean… but I'm trying to be brave to not put that fear in Marlowe 🙂

      I think child delivery and bacon could be put on a near future to do list AND a ridiculous to do list 🙂 And it's true… we scoff at so many things but then children come, and things change. I call it "giving into baby things" 😉

  20. Return to OZ scares the crap out of me & for the longest time I thought I had dreamed it up because I couldn't find it anywhere.

    I fully support your ridiculous to do list and wouldn't mind doing everything on it as well!

  21. Good luck on the home front, I am also patiently and cautiously awaiting for a home. Have lots of fun in Orlando!

    • house buying and children are probably two things most difficult on an impatient person. Am I right?

    • buy what? suits? or clothes in general? my suits are mostly a collection I've collected over a ten year span (a good bathing suit can last you a lifetime). my recent ones are: modcloth, anthropologie, vintage shops (see a life time), j crew, and the one pictured is madewell.

      Clothes in general: american apparel, j crew, and some urban outfitters and antrhopolgie (clearance rack of course).


    • i meant suits, but i love your all around style so any info is welcome 😉 i'll check out those sites for suits for sure!