(swimsuits in order: 1. c/o boden 2. madewell 3. c/o swimspot 4. anthropologie 5. modcloth)

The seas of one piece bathing suits have been parted by a new bikini. The last time I regularly wore a bikini was when I was large and in charge (around this time)…. after that… I think it was once (this time). I have a ridiculous, unnecessary amount of swimsuits that I have collected through-out the years. I have some that are at least 10 years old still hanging around in my swimsuit drawer. Yes, swimsuit drawer… it’s Florida, swimsuits are daily attire for much of the year. Before Florida, I lived in Arizona (also swimsuit season, all the time). Before Arizona, I lived on the beach, in Rhode Island (sure it wasn’t during the summer, it was during the school year, but a suit was still pretty key). And growing up, I spent my time between Massachusetts with my mom (no need for suits there) and Florida, with my dad, where I pretty much spent every waking, extra second at the beach.
Well, after pregnancy, it just seemed a lot lot easier to cover up the stomach with a one piece or high-wasited suit. Honestly, I’m still not sure what I feel more comfortable in. I mentioned months and months ago that I joined a gym. Well, I don’t go often. I would love to be able to go a few times a week, but the reality of my situation is… the only moment I have to myself in a whole week is when Alex has Marlowe. So yeah, an hour or two a week isn’t exactly going to make me a swimsuit model (well, let’s be real, no amount of gym time is going to make me a swimsuit model. I’m 5’2″ with hispanic thighs). But whatever, it’s all how you work it, right? Right.
Well, Swimspot contacted me offering to send me a suit (and give you guys a giveaway)… and I thought, “Yes! I’m going to use this opportunity to stop the one piece madness that I’ve been living in for the past year and a half and bring back the bikini.” (It kind of all worked out perfectly, because my high-wasited bikini tan line had been staring at me all week). I think the worst thing was just finding a suit, the site had a million and half suits (even more suits than I have)… there was so many to choose from and I just wanted something that would fit me properly and not look like any of the other suits I have. So… while, I do love my one pieces, I’m happy to finally have a suit that 1. is floral and adorable 2. isn’t going to leave me with ridiculous tan lines and 3. properly fits my post-breast-feeding mom boobs and mom body (whatever a “mom body” is… you decide). Yes, I do love my new bikini… I’m just hoping I’ll find more “me” time in the (near) future for the gym. I don’t love working out… I get bored only working on one thing at a time (I need to be doing at least three things at once, at all times), but I do enjoy how I feel after.  It makes me feel a little bit more comfortable in my own skin… and even if my body isn’t anywhere near swimsuit model perfect, it gives me a bit more of a boost to start back up on the bikini wearing. The only thing that could make my new bikini better? If it was denim.

Enough bikini rambling… it’s been raining here all week and M and I trapped inside dying for some sunshine! (I think we’re about to have a 30 minute cloud break now).

SO! Want a new swimsuit of your own? Swimspot is offering one of our readers a 100$ gift certificate to use however they’d like on Swimspot.com


To enter: visit Swimspot.com and leave a comment below telling me what your swimsuit of choice is! One piece? Bikini? Tankini? Scubawear? Topless sunbather? Leave a comment with your email address and enter to win 😉

For a second chance to win: tweet about the giveaway and leave a separate comment with the link.
( enter to win a 100$ @swimspot gift certificate at ohdeardrea.blogspot.com ! @ohdeardreababy )

Contest ends Thursday May 31st at midnight. A winner will be chosen and contacted shortly after! Good luck everyone! Lets all cross our fingers for a beautiful memorial day weekend.

***Swimspot did not ask me to write a post about bikinis or the gym or anything like that. I’m just doing that for rambling’s bikini/body image/ summer time sake, but yes, they did send me my new adorable bikini. They’ve been wonderful to work with. Very good people over there on at that site. Thanks Swimspot 🙂


  1. Love all of your bathing suits, SO cute! They have some amazing 1-pieces that are one of a kind, but I think a new 2 piece would motivate me to get my body back after baby quicker (due August 27th), and I'm loving the one with the ruffle bandeau top and bottom!


  2. I should stick to a one pc after so many kiddos, but the two pc keeps catching my eye. ugh! dwcasmith at hotmail dot com

  3. Two Piece for sure! I'm shaped like a boy and it's the only style that gives me curves.

  4. I'm obsessed with the one piece you have shown 2nd on the left in the top picture… it will be perfect for this summer until I have my pre-baby body back 🙂

  5. You inspired me… I just went and bought the red polka dot suit from Modcloth. Fingers crossed it fits. SO CUTE!

  6. I die. I need a new swimsuit BIG TIME becasue I'm pregnant and my "girls" have gotten out of control. I still plan of rocking a bikini so I'd pick the "Next- Good Karma Underwire Sports Bra" and "Good Karma Banded Retro Bottom". I may even toss in the "Next – Good Karma Underwire Shirred Tankini Top" for good measure!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! The Marcel strip bikini is really cute. I hadn't heard of swimspot, but I like almost all of their suits.
    jlbrenn at gmail dot com. Jenny

  8. I've become partial to the modest bikini! Ya know- to hide the c section scar lol!!! Thanks for posting the giveaway-excited to enter!

  9. Second summer after baby-I'm ready for the little string bikini too! I like the Ella Moss Rain Forest Bikini the most but so many to pick from makes it a hard choice!

  10. Absolutely loving the splendid lola pin dot bikini top and bottom. very cute, and maybe i am brave enough to pop my post baby belly into it!
    thanks drea, lovely giveaway! fingers crossed………..

  11. I'm actually looking for a bathing suit….i've put on some weight, do i'm feeling more comfortable in a one piece. I love the athena- slimming swimsuit fauxkini in black! I think i'd feel really sexy in it :)! Sara.bisonni@bluewin.ch. Love, sara

  12. I loveeee bikinis unfortunately I can never find a top that supports and my love of craft beer gives me a gooshy belly'nn

  13. I adore the luxe by Lisa Vogel black bikini! Only just finding my confidence to wear them again and love this one!

  14. I LOVE that one pieces are becoming so much more appealing, stylish and dare I say it- trendy! I am all for one pieces this summer!


  15. I haven't worn a one piece since Jr High, but with a 5 week old it's definitely on my shopping list for this week! I'm loving the Lisa Vogel Vintage Maillot one piece.

  16. My swimsuit of choice would definitely be a topless sunbather, but that's not so acceptable in America! I love the Ella Moss – Solid Vintage Swim Dress in hot coral. So cute! I also love your blog!


  17. I've never worn a one-piece (at least not past early childhood), but I'd really love to try on. I keep seeing so many cute, stylish, non-mommyish suits out there, and also, I'm going to be new mom at the end of this year. My belly is past the point of being flat, but not yet round and cute. These two are my faves:
    http://www.swimspot.com/Retro-Bathing-Suits-One-Piece-Swimwear-Opening-Day-Luxe-961.aspx & http://www.swimspot.com/1-Piece-Swimsuit-Bathing-Suit-Blossom-Splendid-Swimwear-1223.aspx

  18. Girl…you rocked that bikini.

    I usually prefer bikinis cause I don't like the feel of wet fabric sticking to my torso….but we will see how I feel after baby #2! Either way I will need a new swimsuit!

  19. As a new mama, I am looking for a bathing suit that flatters my changed figure. I am loving the Athena – Heavenly Slimming One Piece Swimsuit! That would be awesome.

    And you will totally rock the bikini! You're a beautiful woman, Drea.

  20. hmmm… there are a couple that I've bookmarked. a very dangerous site! I would pick the Athena African Queen One Piece Swimsuit.

  21. I really like one pieces lately. I haven't worn a bathing suit since I moved from Florida, and my body has changed so much that I think I'd feel much more confident in a cute one piece like the Athena – West Indies Bandeau One. I like that the suits on Swimspot are so diverse!

    <3 Caitlin

  22. mama would need a one piece. this one: Splendid – Leila Halter One Piece. and I have not owned a bathing suit in at least 8 years!

  23. mama needs a one piece – Splendid – Leila Halter One Piece. I haven't owned a bathing suit in at least 8 years!

  24. I think those one piece vintage looking suits are so cute but I just can't give up the bikini! I love the Ella Moss Bandeau Floral Bikini…so pretty 🙂

  25. I love me some bikinis! And, that floral suit is perfection! You will rock that.

  26. I like the Reef Halter Bikini Top and matching bottoms, because it's meant for larger busts, which I need 😉

    It's so hard to find a swimsuit that actually fits! This site looks amazing! And I tweeted about it 🙂


  27. Loving the Luxe By Lisa Vogel Statusphere Maillot One Piece Suit. The style is so unique and the color is perfect for summer!

  28. Love so many of there bathings suits! I'm normally a bikini kinda gal but might switch it up this year with a one piece….maybe.
    mglace16 at gmail dot com

  29. I already had the Splendid bookmarked on my iPad! would love to wear this swimsuit at the beach next month!

  30. So much to choose from! Definitely love the Athena Heavenly Bandeau Bikini Top (or tankini top) & Retro Bottom! But the Athena 'Pick Your Fit' styles look so comfy!! Tough one 🙂

  31. I am seriously loving the Luxe By Lisa Vogel – Healing Sands Sway Tankini Top. Woah, that model is so pretty, too! Loved the little video on the SwimSpot site of each suit. Awesome.

  32. oMg this website is AMAZING. I'd like about 10 of these suits, but how about we start with the Athena Pick Your Fit – Casablanca Slimming One Piece, yes please!
    ylimetheartist at yahoo dot com

  33. I love the Calming Center Reversible Sweetheart Bikini Top with the Calming Center Tunnel Side Bikini Bottom. Now to get my butt to the gym!!

  34. I see what you mean about the million swimsuits they have to choose from, and what a great choice. I'd definately get a bikini. I have a great one-piece I use to go swimming in but I have only 1 bikini that fits my "mom body" so another one would definately be a treat to use on holidays.

  35. At 4 months postpartum I'm definitely a one-piece girl these days. I love the Athena – Heavenly Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit. So cute and covers the flaws 🙂

  36. I have a pear-shaped figure with thick thighs, a hefty butt, yet small waist, relatively flat stomach, and bony shoulders and arms. The Athena Dandy bandini top and skirted bikini bottom would be PERFECT for my body! I love the white polka dots on the yellow background, too. It screams vintage summer!
    email: pierck2 (at) winthrop (dot) edu

  37. I love their bikinis! I could use a new one…. 🙂
    Email: sugar_plum_cutie (at) hotmail (dot) com

  38. Well, I'm only 6 months postpartum, so it is going to be a tankini summer. I'd love to buy the same suit you did (copycat, sorry) for a summer 2013 goal.

  39. Well, I'm only 6 months post partum, so I've gotta say that it will be a tankini summer. I'd love to buy the same bikini you did (copycat, sorry) for a Summer 2013 goal!

  40. I am usually a bikini girl, but I actually fell in love with the Athena-Moorea tankini. It's so cute, flattering, and different that what I would normally get.


  41. I love you bathing suit collection! It's hard to choose, but I really like the Ella Moss Flora bandeau binkini. Adorable!

  42. Oh my goodness. I love you bathing suit collection. It's difficult to choose but I really like the Ella Moss flora bandeau biniki. Adorable.

  43. They have a SUPER cute high waisted bikini I have my eye on.
    abby.weimer at gmail dot com

  44. I love me a strapless one piece or a halter-top bikini. Of the endless suits Swimspot has, I think the Hurley halter-top bikini called 'Chaos' would be my choice. Though I have to say, Drea, you no doubt chose the most awesome floral print on the site!

  45. I do love a bikini, and I like that their styles are both sunny and happy but still unique.

  46. baby #4 sent me to one piece land… Searching for the perfect one to cover up in… def loving some of the suits on swimspot

  47. Baby # 4 sent me to once piece land… Searching for the perfect one… Great options on the swimspot site

  48. I really love the Opening Day vintage Maillot! I've always been a 2 piece girl, but it's hard to find something that fits my post-baby body just right. I love all the swimsuits in your collection!

  49. I love the Guess On The Spot Sweetheart Bikini Top, and the Retro bottoms with the ruffle! So cute! I am definitely a bikini girl…Can't wait to show off my baby belly on the beach this summer…can't have too many cute bikinis!!!
    My email is LadyATHF@yahoo.com

  50. So many to choose from! I'd probably go with the Luxe by Lisa Vogel – Socialite Tankini Top. I haven't wore a bathing suit since having my son but I think I'd feel confident enough in that thing!


  51. I like the Athena Pick Your Fit African Queen Sweetheart Top and Tunnel Side Bottom. I also have hispanic thighs so I like to go for bottoms with more coverage.


  52. Wow, there was so many to choose from! I love a one piece since having my daughter, and I think I would feel great wearing the Athena – Heavenly slimming bandeau fauxkini .


    I think you should allow people to enter a second time on your Facebook page if they dont use twitter 🙂

  53. With having given birth to my baby last summer there was no way I was gonna put ANY swimsuit on afterwards. This summer, I am getting somewhat braver..totally loving the one piece Luxe by Lisa Vogel- Tide pool Maillot!

  54. Love the featherweight tankini — it doesn't scream mom to me like a lot of tankinis do!

  55. I really love tankinis, especially since the birth of my daughter. The featherweight tankini is super cute

  56. One piece. I love the whole vintage simple vibe of them.

    Favorite one is the Athena Pick Your Fit – Casablanca Slimming One Piece
    It's pink and polka dots!!


  57. I'm totally a tankini girl. Not going back to a bikini until I get back into shape 🙂

  58. Oh! I REALLY need a new swimsuit (yes even in Canada) After having a baby my old ones are not so flattering. I love the Athena – Heavenly Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit

  59. I love swimspot! I think I'd have to go with the Athena – Moorea Slimming Bandini Top & the bottoms that go with it. I'm now stetch mark mcgee & don't know how comfortable I'd be in a bikini. all the worse for me considering I have like 30 of them :/

    thanks for the opportunity!


  60. Too many great options! I'll just say, that I too have post mom bod/boobies as well as those thighs you mentioned. Although mine are not from being hispanic, soooo…yeah. I'd go with a tankini or a skirted one piece like the Athena Dandy Slimming Bandaeu Swimdress. I like feminine/pin up girl styles because I feel like that flatters my best ASSets. Hope you and M have a great Memorial Day weekend, Drea!

  61. Wooot! What a great giveaway!

    I've been trying to decide on a swimsuit for the past week, I think I'm likin' the Athena tankinis the best, gah! ORRRR… the bandeau fauxkini, love the retro feel…

    Thanks Drea!

    xo KS

  62. Oh dear drea :p – you have as much as a mom body as Pamela Anderson has small boobs. You are a gorgeous women, no need to hide!

    I am a bikini gal, even with a few extra pounds here and there. however, I do prefer bikini's which I do not continually need to readjust (or fear every waves!).

    Yay for giveaways!

  63. Post-baby I am rocking the one piece suits more and more often! I would love to have the St. John – Solid Halter One Piece Swimsuit, super cute!

  64. I love the one you got! So cute! I'd get the Maldives Banded Bikini Bottom in black and the Reef Beach Cruiser Halter Bikini top!

  65. I just found this site last weekend. I'm trying to work up the courage to buy the Athena Dandy Slimming Halter Tankini Top. I just love the yellow dots!

  66. I'd go for the Athena Pick Your Fit Slimming Fauxkini One Piece. I think a pattern is nice to distract from ones less than favorite body parts. I've bought slimming suits elsewhere and they are magic! kverde18@hotmail.com

  67. I would love to squeeze back into a bikini (my husband would love it more.) I think I could get away with it body-wise but I would just be too darn uncomfortable the whole time. Sometimes though I think a daring one-piece can be just as sexy! awilliams1118@yahoo.com

  68. I love the athena heavenly bandeau one piece! I have actually never owned a one piece and think it's about time I try one out.

  69. Hi Drea & thanks for this lovely giveaway!
    My favourite swimsuit in the shop is the Cougarette Triangle Bikini.
    My email is on my profile.

  70. love you and your giveaways! i am literally swooning over the luxe by lisa vogel opening night bikini.

  71. I'm smitten over the "Athena – Trinidad Asymmetrical"..I'm ashamed to admit I only own one swimsuit, and it's currently for maternity use. This would be the perfect post-bump suit!

  72. I could use an enhancer top for my 'mom boobs' as well 🙂 That yellow polka dot bikini is totally calling my name!

  73. I love the Athena St. Lucia Asymmetrical One-Piece Swimsuit!! I, too, have carried over to the one-piece club… but because I hate to work out!! Oh how I wish I didn't….


  74. Usually a bikini, but I'd like to maybe try one of those cute one pieces!! Yay SUMMER!!!

  75. OH my this is awesome. I have looked through their site before and I always fall in love. I absolutely find the Moorea Halter Tankini so lovely. The Moorea dress is AMAZING too! thanks to both of you for this amazing opportunity.


  76. wow – I'd never heard of swimspot before but it's great! I'm dying for a nice athletic two-piece that will stand up for ocean play 🙂

  77. I just started following your blog a few weeks ago! I love your style. I'm the complete opposite… I have a million bikinis and have been wanting a cute one piece. The Purple "Athena Pick Your Fit – Slimming Bandeau Fauxkini" is super cute. Enjoy your new suit 🙂

  78. I absolutely love the Guess After Party Hi Waist Bikini Brief and Bandeau top. I have been dying for a high wasted bikini and this looks perfect!

  79. I LOVE one pieces! Especially after having a baby in Feb and now having earned my stripes (stretch marks). My e-mail address is lparreola@gmail.com Just tweeted this post out too! @les1ie

  80. When I first saw the pic of your swimsuits, the swimspot one was my fave! I prefer 2 pieces…mom body and all! 🙂

  81. i'm a one piece or tankini girl all the way! i love the athena – heavenly bandeau swimsuit they have! and it's such a beautiful color!

  82. My choice has always been the bikini. SwimSpot.com is incredibly helpful in finding the perfect swimsuit for your body type and has a lot of visuals to help understand the different body types etc. I would love to own the Splendid-Posey Reversible Triangle Bikini Top and Tie Side Bottoms. There is nothing I love more than mixing prints and stripes!

  83. My son is 9 months old, making this my first summer with a baby. Last summer I was quite preggo, and rocked a bikini. This summer, I'd love a tankini that makes me feel sexy, but also works for chasing a very active baby!