Happy Memorial Day! It’s been pretty low key around here, minus today (sunday), which has been pretty awesome. Lots of solo Marlowe and mama time and not a lot of breaks for mama (there were no overnights this past week, just a quick few hour visit with her dad), so I’ve been trying to keep the little one busy, while trying to accomplish everything else that needs to get done. My sister-n-law and I keep trying to push the pool on Marlowe, but this little one really and truly hates the idea of getting her hair wet. She obviously doesn’t know: we live in Florida, and water time is essential 😉 Oh well, we can’t all be water lovers. This month is very quickly coming to an end and I am scattered in all directions and wee-bit brain-fried. I am very much looking forward to my upcoming three-day cruise getaway. Until then, go go go.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!

mama’s suit c/o: swimspot
baby’s suit c/o: snapping turtle kids

(photos taken by my brother, mark)

ps. don’t forget the swimspot giveaway 😉


  1. I agree with above – you look babalicious in that suit, and Marlowe gets cuter with every post.

  2. Omgoodness your post baby bod is amazing!! You inspire me. I just found your blog and I absolutely LOOOOVE IT!!!!

  3. WHAT? She's not totally in love with the pool?? How could it be? My kid refuses to let me wash her hair but when it comes to the pool she's all about soaking herself. Kids are so funny.

  4. That bikini looks awesome on you! Thanks for the inspiration to work a little harder at getting myself in shape!

  5. I swear, you look better in a bikini after having a baby than I do before having one! Cute pictures!

  6. Happy memorial day to you both! My mother-in-law told me my husband used to sit on the side of the pool at his swim lessons and refuse to get in. Now he surfs everyday and lived on a sailboat for 2 years. Go figure. The whole water thing might grown on her yet.