Helllllooo! I know it’s been a bit quiet around here…. but I’m baaaack with some really great links for you guys! April has been a really great month and I’m so happy that each of these sponsors were a part of it. I’ve decided the month of April had more blonde sponsors than any other month…. yeah blonde party! I’m not blonde, but maybe I should post a photo of my mile-long blonde hair I had in college. It was ridiculous and I looked like a lion woman. Anyway… I’m going off on a blonde tangent. This month was great. This past week and weekend was great. My life/blog motto is always: live now, blog later (ahem: at two AM)…. but lately it’s: work, cuddle, and adventure now, do everything else later (clean, cook, go online, take photos, instagram, wash hair, blog, and whatever else I should be doing). I’m tired of waking up tired, but oh so happy to wake up each day to so many wonderful adventures— mostly with my kiddo, but some without. Happy first day of May everyone! Be sure to give these guys some (ahem: ALOT of) love and check back later today to see our new May sponsors!

The cutest baby bonnets around. Durable, handmade, functional, and stylish. Great for cold and hot climates. Great for tiny or big kids. There’s even an organic section too! 
Receive free shipping by using the code “ohdear” at checkout! 

Sandra’s home blog. Filled with family life, knitting, and the most delicious looking food around.
Oh how I love this company and their paints. Have you ever shopped for VOC-free paint? It’s frustrating. Quiet home paints makes it fun and exciting again… All their colors are beautiful. And not only beautiful, but also: VOC-free, orderless, solvent-free, organic, and green. Shop through colors or packages

I Love Amber. She’s incredibly down to earth, a bit eccentric, and real. If you like cats, she likes those too. 

Blogging: stay at home wife and mama —> Crafter, baker, and vintage lover. Check out the most adorable nursery HERE.
A blog dedicated to a tiny lady, written by her more than beautiful mama, Nicolle. The tiny lady just had a big birthday too! Happy Birthday Audrey!

Jackie: Main living, single-dad dating, yoga practicing, beautiful lady. 
blog about Jess, Jeff, Finn, and a small dog. The Sweetest family with the most adorable two-year old boy. Seriously, look at this face

A really useful site dedicated to helping moms find the best green products out there!
Heather: stay at home mama. Practicing: attachment parenting, baby-wearing, breast-feeding, EC teaching, and co-sleeping. 🙂
Handmade baby rags, burp-clothes, blankets, diaper bags, and so much more
Because… going to THIS blog totally cheered me up today. Seriously, even as someone who doesn’t like cake… THIS POST still put a huge smile on my face and craving in my belly. 

Inspiration living for mamas…. a truly beautiful blog
Southern living done right. With: one beautiful blonde mom, a handsome dude, a happy baby, and a beast of a dog. 
Mama to the most adorable Amos. This blog has been a bit quiet the past few weeks due to some hard time. Please send Tiff and family some really good thoughts. 
The Fortunate Plight…. the makeover of an already wonderful blog… turned even better. Jenn: witty, loving, charming, and beautiful. Check out her life: HERE 🙂
My favorite blondes. And a fun (and useful) tutorial
Because EVERYBODY needs a mustache
Everything about this blog makes me smiles and makes me want to move to New York.


  1. I pinned the paint seller to remember the company for when we repaint our bathroom and in just one hour over 20 people have also pinned it! 🙂