such a fun (and not scary at all) game to climb on the couch. &a beautiful “welcome” sign: a gift from the talented folks of Homegrown
well, at least one of them is using the potty.
a crappy situation calling for makeshift curtains… and more light. 
someone tried to change some diapers.
corn season! finally!
juice face. (carrot, celery, apple, spinach face to be exact)
a patient dog.
following breakfast recipes.
wingin’ it. mixed a bunch of delicious things together to make some sort of delicious savory vegetable tofu cake. 
This kid has been getting into everything lately. She’s everything I hoped and feared she would be. She’s pretty fantastic.

The sun is finally out tonight! And I’m finally getting a few hours of me time today! Work, gym, lady date here I come!
Have a wonderful memorial day weekend everyone!  


  1. Where does the amazing 'love is here' sign come from? It's great, as is your blog which I've stumbled on for the first time.

  2. i love how much light you get in your home!! kinda jealous 😉 happy weekend. xoxo

    and, the pic of M with the hat and suitcase…makes my heart melt. and the juice face?? those eyes?? i'm in love with her!

    • Yeah, thats the face I make when I'm going to pounce and attack too 😉

    • They were a gift, no idea where they were purchased. I can try to find out 🙂

  3. We have that potty too. Anna seems more interested in sitting on the actual toilet :/

    • I really and truly just winged it. I'm going to try to work on it a bit and make it more kid friendly (M hates asparagus) and hopefully come up with a measured recipe in the near future 🙂

  4. OMG, that last photo! That's the expression of a toddler ready to all at once, impress and drive a mama crazy! My son is about a month younger than your little lady and I love seeing that expression, unless it's the end of a very long day and he's still WIDE awake.

    • grilled tofu or tofu scramble is totally the way to go. DO IT. (theres a scramble recipe on the blog <—-)

  5. Such cute pictures! That last picture she looks like a little girl (more so than a baby girl).