(clockwise from top)
peanut butter with cocoa crispys.
peanut butter with orange blossom honey.
peanut butter with thin sliced apples and orange blossom honey.
In highschool, I spent many, many days sitting outside, eating my favorite (not-so-guilty) pleasure: a peanut butter sandwich topped with fruity (or cocoa) pebbles. It was awesome. I wanted to do a “healthier” (healthier, right) play-off from that… and went with whole foods brand: natural cocoa crisp cereal…. the exact name of the cereal is escaping me… but yeah, it was still as delicious as I remembered 😉


  1. Ha! I've never tried cereal on toast… But man, that sounds tasty! Yum, yum. Love me some peanut butter 😉

  2. This sounds really amazing. I've always loved cereal but would have never thought to put it on toast!

  3. I love things on toast! I seriously cant stop making and eating the one with avocado, olive oil, green onions, and salt!! Love this blog!!! It has inspired me is so many ways! Thank you!!!!!!

  4. I love this shot – and the idea of three variations on a childhood theme. It is great fun to relive those memories, especially if they were a little guilty. 😉

  5. Where do you get your bread? Do you bake it yourself? Or is it from a local vegan bakery? Just curious! I love good bread. Still haven't found any here in Virginia Beach 🙁

    • M's dad is a baker for a restaurant… which is good because there are ZERO good bakeries around here. If we're not eating his bread, then I buy a loaf of sourdough from the whole foods bakery, but really, any good sourdough will be vegan. 🙂

  6. Oh! When we were little, my sister and I would get up really early (like 5am) on Saturdays and I would make us both our favourite sandwich – white bread with coco pop cereal! Sometimes we'd use these cocoa granules which were supposed to be for hot chocolate instead… good times. 🙂

  7. Yummy! Ever since I started reading your blog, about a year ago, I have had so much fun with my toast! Thank you so much! Your vegan way of life is also so helpful with my now dairy-free eating because my baby girl is allergic. Love your recipe posts, please don't stop!