thinly sliced– warm, gold roasted beets, honey, balsamic, salt. 


  1. Do u think this would be tasty w/ red beets also?!? I have beets in my garden every yr & I'm always looking for good recipes. Can u give me an idea of the recipe or is it a winging it kinda dish…?!?!

    • YES! Should be equally as delicious. Honestly, I don't really notice too much of a taste difference between the two. I usually opt for the gold because I like the color a bit more, but thats it.

      As far as the winging it dish…. I mixed cornmeal, flour, milk, tofu, and shredded and sautéed vegetables, seasoned and baked.

  2. That looks amazing. I have never seen golden beets for sale but now I will make a special effort to find them.

    • I only usually see them at markets and WF's, but never my local store!

    • that's not that strange! I actually never fred beets until maybe 3 years ago! and it was because someone convinced me to put them in a juice! They are a pretty yummy thing 🙂 I just wrap them in tinfoil and put them in the oven (400) til soft, let cool a bit, and peel… thats it… and just some salt… or here theres balsamic and honey. thats it. 🙂