Welp, guys, I’m off! I’m currently boarding a cruise ship to the Bahamas. I don’t know what boat and I don’t know what islands… but I’m off! I’m so excited for my two-three day getaway with my favorite lady, Laura. I can’t believe her parents have been generous enough to invite me along! Marlowe will be staying with my mom for the first two days and then with her dad for the last day… so this is like, you know, a real vacation. I’ll be back at some time (no idea what time… yes, I apparently didn’t ask any details and I don’t know very much at all) monday afternoon or evening, but a blog post will still be up monday morning, like usual. Fingers crossed for calm water and smooth sailing! Ocean breeze, cocktails, and disgusting amounts of french fries, here I come! Later for you! 😉 


  1. Have a nice little trip! 🙂 It sure sounds amazing, the Bahamas and all!

  2. Aw, hope you have an amazing time! (p.s plz tell us where those shoes are from, they are so cute!) x

    • madewell. unfortunately they don't carry them anymore! 🙁 SO comfortable!