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I’ve been craving breakfast for a week now. There’s not much time in the morning to make a proper breakfast… and I mean, why would I anyway? I’m not an early eater, M doesn’t care (yet) whether she gets a huge breakfast or just fruit, oatmeal, and frozen waffles… and it would seem a bit ridiculous to make a huge early meal for just myself, so why bother? And the weekends? They’ve been pretty jam packed (in the best of ways). Well, I decided: *breakfast or bust* on Monday. I invited over a couple friends and made a nice little vegan breakfast for dinner feast for the three of us. I’ve received so much kindness from my sweet friends lately, it just seemed like the perfect way to fill my craving while saying “Thank you, I love you, let me pay you in food love”. Around eight o clock, they came over, we drank white wine and mimosas. We feasted on: tofu scramble, biscuits and gravy, and homemade tempeh bacon (can you tell I’m a savory over sweets girl?). It was delicious. We decided we would have to make this a regular event, along with the weekly picnics we decided to do, despite the ever climbing heat (you can’t stop us, Florida summer!). It was quite an enjoyable, sleepy, and giggly night for all of us. I’m most definitely looking forward to many more future days and nights of friends and home cooked food.
Is breakfast for dinner (“brinner”) a regular thing in your house? What are your favorite things to eat for breakfast? I can SOMETIMES do something sweet, but ONLY if it’s paired with something salty (think: home fries or garlic, avocado toast). Mmm, salty. I wish I could eat this again, right now.
ps. sorry for the poor quality photos, my house is only well lit in the day time 😉


  1. I love this.. we are literally making brinner right now (a little late, but hey..) and it always makes me think of my mama and my sisters and I making brinner all the freaking time when I was a kid. Plus, savory. always.

  2. I love the title…and the food…and the pictures..and the idea. Basically, I love all of the above. I'm the same way with sweet things, I only eat them with or after something salty.

  3. HOMEMADE TEMPEH BACON?!!?!?!?!!?>!?!

    I am a tempeh bacon ADDICT. In fact, I am going to pick some up on my way home this afternoon because I MUST HAZ IT. But I would really love to save some money and make it myself. Is there a particular recipe you like?

    • I kind of just looked at a few recipes online and combined them together 🙂 I believe it was soy sauce, chili powder, smoked paprika, apple cider vinegar?, maple syrup, and smoke flavor. I booed them tempeh first, sliced up, marinated, and baked!

  4. We do "brinner" at least once a week in our house. I could eat homemade waffles Put some strawberries and whip on those suckers and I'm in heaven. But I have to have some bacon to counteract all that sweetness. Oh, and eggs with enough salt to cause an on-the-spot coronary. Yummy. Too bad I planned on a veggie dinner tonight because this is sounded super good.

    • Strawberries and cream (or fake cream now, I guess) is the ONLY way to eat waffles.

  5. Breakfast foods are my favorite and I would eat breakfast all day long if I could. Well I am not so much a fan of cold cereal, but it works in a pinch!

    • I go back and forth about cereal, but I usually don't care for it.

  6. Yum! We are definitely brinner people! Savory for us includes; potatoes, bacon, green chili, and homemade tortillas! Yum, I know what's for dinner tomorrow! I'm a sweet type of girl sometimes with breakfast, so I make sure to use my awesome circle waffle maker!

    • I want all of this (with fake bacon) for a breakfast burrito… NOW.

  7. I am the SAME way, Drea!!! I love, love, love salty foods. So much. I miss breakfast foods since I've become GF/ vegan. I've been dying to make your tofu scramble though, especially since you make it so often. I really should get on that! Sounds tasty 🙂

    Also yes, breakfast for dinner is the best thing ever.

  8. We eat avocado toast like we're paid to do it. Every single day for breakfast pretty much, and sometimes the same day for snack too 🙂 Mmm, Henry and my favorite. We also have yogurt with granola most mornings. It's easy, and messy enough that Henry finds it fun, and ensures I show up to work messy every day which is apparently his goal. On the weekends, veggie hash is a delicious option over here!

    • I've actually never ever been huge on breakfast until recently. I think because my mom never cared for it, so breakfast was just cereal or waffles. But now, I very much enjoy the savory side of breakfast.