We recently teamed up with UncommonGoods to create a little gift collection for their site. After everything was said and done, they more than kindly offered to send us a few goodies in return. One of them was this amazing little micro veg kit. I’m so thrilled (beyond thrilled) that Marlowe is finally at the age where we can do fun little projects like these. She helps out, isn’t too messy (no messier than me), learns a few things, and we both have a great time. It was so fun to show her how to dig small holes and plant the seeds. Now, we (mostly me) are learning patience and waiting for these seeds to sprout (hopefully we did it right). It’ll be a nice addition to our small kitchen windowsill and I am very much looking forward to taking scissors to the greens and putting them on toast! 🙂 🙂

If you’d to see our curating gift giving guide, you can check it out HERE. You guys know me pretty well, pretty much everything I picked out is food related, duh 😉
**beware of the of the dining section, because oh my god, it’s amazingly dangerous. I bookmarked 150 million things to buy for me and for gifts.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Enjoy some fun projects in the sun!


  1. I love the toys in your gift giving guide. I want all of that stuff and I don't even have kids! It's so cute! I hope your little garden turns out nice. I too feel it's so important to teach kids where food comes from. We have started a vertical earth garden in our backyard. I'm kind of excited to share it with you sometime.

    • My momma took her shopping while I was on the cruise. She found them on sale in a cute boutique. I believe the brand is atlanta moccasin 😉

  2. I love this little idea! seems like such fun! Also, I'm dying over Marlowes loafers! River has a similar pair. They are so cute.

    • It started sprouting little blades today! Can't wait to show her… and hope she'll be excited 🙂

    • My momma took her shopping while I was on the cruise. The brand is Atlanta Moccasin Co. or something like that.

  3. I can't wait to see when it is all grown!! Looks like LOTS of fun!!
    Any fun birthday plans in the works? Birthday One was so simple, in a good good way, and pretty! I can't wait to see the birthday two get together!


  4. Marlowe's shoes are too cute!! Hopefully you see some sprouts soon, nothing makes food taste better than growing it yourself!

    • So true. I'm hoping that home comes through so I can plant things again!

  5. this post is amazing! Marlowe is gona count herself so lucky when she grows up and reads all these posts, you're brilliant with her xx