garlic and sweet pepper confit. (plus some added blanched cherry tomatoes and sea salt). 
recipe via honestfare.
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Happy Friday everyone!

ps. cloth c/o dot and army 😉


  1. Oh my goodness, Drea! I was so pleasantly surprised to stumble upon your blog! I remember you from your livejournal days! Dreatastespie! I feel like that was forever ago. How retro, haha! Sorry for the abundance of exclamation marks, I simply can't contain my excitement. So wonderful to see that you have a beautiful daughter. Crazy how things change. Love your blog! 🙂 🙂

    • HI! It's such a small internet world, isn't it?! I love finding old LJ people. Part of me is so sad I deleted that thing… would have been nice (and completely dreadful) to look back at all my teenage/young 20's thoughts. Congrats on future-mommydom. 😉 And I'm an over-user of exclamations. I have to go back and edit and delete them constantly. so let's exclaim away!

  2. it's 10pm here and I should be going to bed but no this AMAZING concoction of deliciousness has be totally craving some of this on some Udi's GF bread. I will be making this tomorrow FOR SURE!!

  3. I always love your "things on toast" posts. They always look so yummy & wonderful. And I love toast 🙂 and love your blog!