oatmeal with mangoes and raisins. (we been mostly using our mangoes for uncreative oatmeal eating purposes for now)
that tofu, vegetable pie thing I mentioned. And as suspected… she picked out all the asparagus.
And because it’s been a long time and we have a lot of photos… you can choose to see more of what marlowe eats after the cut….

pasta and tomato sauce with shredded carrots, onions, mushrooms, and white beans, topped with nutritional yeast.
grilled corn, roasted sweet pepper hummus, and gardien. She had one bite of the gardien and passed. Thata’ girl.
cereal in a hat.
the easiest perfect protein meal? beans and rice with avocado.
finally a way to eat cauliflower: pureed in a carrot, tomato red sauce (and some other veggies too)
chickpea patties, whole wheat pearl couscous with peas, and avocado.
tofu scramble, avocado, and creamy potatoes.
shredded brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and a bunch of other veggies, stir fried in garlic, ginger, agave, and soy with noodles.
“calentado” aka mishmash of corn, rice, potatoes, beans, potatoes, all fried up together. nom.


  1. I was just going to comment: WHY NOT CEREAL IN A HAT?!?! ha! Also, I see that M is still rocking the one arm out of her shirt look?

  2. Everything looks really delicious! I was wondering what is your weekly shopping list like and what staples do you always have in your kitchen?

    • I've actually done a post on it! You can google ohdeardrea vegan pantry and it will come up. The list has def grown since then, now that Marlowe is a toddler. There is now a lot more processed, quick things like crackers and cereal. More fruit too.

  3. I LOVE these posts! I'm still fairly new to cooking and these posts help a ton with ideas for my little one. Thanks for posting the recipes!

  4. Yay more ideas for me!!! Youve inspired me to find vegan recipes. Tomorrow I am going to make a sweet potato patty in lieu of ground beef! Im pretty excited about it.

  5. rice, beans and avocado is my go to with the kids. i always have the ingredients, you can add more veggies to it and they like it.
    way to go mama with the clean eating.

  6. I am so jealous of the things Marlowe eats! First, IIIII want to eat them! Second, my three year-old eats mostly crap. It's my fault, I know, but he stopped eating most healthy stuff when he turned two. He won't even try things at this point. He loves a lot of fruits and some veggies, but he usually expects them alongside a turkey dog or macaroni. OR he just won't eat at all… and that's not cool. I've already been told that he needs to start drinking carnation instant crap because he didn't gain enough weight in the past year.


    • Just keep pushing! M is at the difficult stage where she knows what bad stuff is out there and refuses to eat but then asks for snacks. Just gotta keep pushin' pushing

  7. I am going to try some of these dishes with my little one! She is 14 months and a vegan baby as well. I am always searching for new dishes to serve her! Thanks for the great ideas Drea!

  8. I really love that high chair. We have a vintage Cosco one that i'm in love with. I can see you take time to make sure she eats a well balanced and tasty meal. Such a good mama.

  9. Every time you post one of these what Marlowe eats I get soooo hungry! Yum! Nice work mama, she is going to be one healthy little gal 🙂

  10. I am so jealous of what you can feed Marlowe. Ben is a few months older, and the pickiest eater of all time. I try everything, and I am cooking ALL the time (and baking with hidden veggies). Nothing…it's like he knows! I'm hoping if I keep trying things will change. Great that Marlowe is so healthy! 😉

  11. If you wrote a cook book about raising you child vegan, I would totally buy it!

  12. I wish I could get my daughter eating rice & beans with avocado. After eating avocado since she started on solids, she's now gone completely off it and won't touch beans either (though she does like rice). It's really frustrating, as that's such a easy, healthy meal for a wee vegan. I should really try your chickpea patties, they look super yummy.

    • M went back and forth about beans. She currently loves them again, but there was a while when I could only get her to eat them in party form.

  13. It shows how well you train her to eat veggies.great job Momma! wish my
    kids also eat Tofu.

  14. I want you to post some of these recipe (tofu scramble) and others. Mine is a good eater but I get stuck trying different things. :/

    • scramble is up along with a few others! They are all on the left side of the blog!

  15. I'm always in awe of what you feed your little one. Mine (she's 3) eats better than most kids, but I definitely wish I had never introduced her to certain foods (mac & cheese! even though it's a healthy version) before she learned to eat more veggies. Random question: what will you do if Marlowe wants to eat meat when she's older?

    • There are certain things I wish I never gave marlowe too.. because it can be a battle to get her to eat the good stuff when she knows the junk is there too… it happens. I wrote about it a bit before, but as long as she understand where meat comes from, then it's fine. Her choice, not mine, once she can make a conscious decision.