A long time ago, I wrote a tiny bit about mom-meet up groups… all the way back when Marlowe was one month old. Re-reading my words, I still feel the same. I mean, I’m not trying to be a negative nancy, I’m sure A LOT of moms meet other really great moms through meet-up groups (I’m positive of it), but I, myself still don’t care for the idea. My thoughts on (mom) friendships are: just because we are both mom’s, doesn’t mean we have a lot (or anything) in common… well, you know, other than babies, diapers, and other baby things. That being said, I’ve been really, amazingly lucky to meet some of the moms (and non-moms too) I spend time with (physically and over the internet or telephone). Each of the women in the photo above, I met through social-media… mostly through this blog. Each one of them is so completely different from the other, completely amazing, and someone I can get along with. Emily, has so much grace and tact. She is much more tactful than I was at her age, and probably more than I’ll ever be. I only hope I come off with half the strength and composure she carries. Kristina, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She makes me more aware of kindness and everyones ability to become a kinder, gentler soul.I’ve only known each for such a short while, but I truly admire them. I received emails from both Emily And Kristina to my blog address, reaching out to me for advice or friendship. I doubt I would have been lucky enough to meet them otherwise.
It’s really amazing the connection we as mothers (and people) are able to make these days through social media and networking. I really love the strong community and support this blog has brought me (and hopefully other women too). I rarely feel alone these days. I am able to ask questions, receive answers, find support, and just have general conversations in a matter of seconds, through the tips of my fingers. And of course, I am able to receive and answer questions too, aiding in finding even more like-minded people and mothers. I’ve been introduced to women, that I can and would consider a “friend”, whether or not I’ve been able to meet them face to face and shake their hands… or give a hug to… cause you know, I’m all about hugging it out. I am in general awe of the power of technology in this day and age and so very grateful for this community we share with one another. While, we can argue the internet has taken away a lot of the physical, deeper interactions we were once forced to share, it also has created a whole new means to finding similar and extraordinary people on opposite sides of the world (or right next door). 

I’m going to deviate a bit from my normal blogging this week. I plan to share with you, some the other blogs, sites, and more importantly: people, who have touched my life recently. I hope you’re inspired to do the same, to make this community a bit stronger and tighter, together. This community only exists because all of us are so eager and happy to find others to connect with and learn from. I hope this week brings some new inspirations and connections into your life (and hopefully into my life too). Thank you for being part of my community. I feel so very fortunate. 

More photos from our baby-mama zoo date:
 **And as I’m typing this I just received a face-time call from blogging mama, Kathleen, who I so desperately wish was closer in my life. It’s so nice to have people so far, but so close in my life… but oh, if only we had a private jet. 
**PS! Can you believe this blog is almost two years old! Wow. A few more days til’ ohdeardrea turns two! 


  1. Drea, I just started reading your blog after finding it through a slew of random blog hopping, and I am glad to say that I am really happy that I have found it! You are a breath of fresh air when it comes to the blogs that I see mostly these days. I love your honesty and wan† for a community of friends. I am originally from south Florida (Naples area), but haven't been there since January 2010. I just recently moved to Seattle, WA from Madison, WI (where I went when I moved from Florida). I have a one year old baby son, and I was horrified at the prospect of making 'friends'. I too tried the mom group meetups, but here in the city it was hard. Walk into group of moms with fancy strollers and stock market/microsoft/google husbands. 'So, what do you do? Where do you live?' 'Well, I am a student and I live in a studio with my husband and son!' crickets… So I know how it goes, when it comes to that whole deal. I got lucky though and via online met some people through an open mic poetry thing, and now I am glad to call them my very dear friends. Being new to blogging though, I hope to make another group of friends, here online! I feel that there is sometimes a stigma against new mothers, one feels almost forced to hang out with other moms, even if you have nothing in common! I am 23 and planned my pregnancy with my husband. I still get the occasional, 'Well, obviously your being young means that you must not have planned your pregnancy…' ordeals… most people I find just want you to be what they see in you. I think it is awesome that you are yourself. Thanks for blogging!

  2. This was so sweet! Seriously thankful for our friendship. So glad you have a super awesome blog that allowed me to connect with you. And totally feel ya on the mom meetup groups. I tried one when we first moved down here. I went like three times just to give it a fair chance….but it was just not the route for me to meet people.

  3. ohhhh and yay for instagram…just started following ya! @newlife48

  4. That's awesome you've made real life bloggy friends…funny one lives a few blocks from you..that's awesome! hope you're doing well!

  5. I love that you and Kristina are friends. We had a nice group of friends in NC and some of us were moms, others not. It was and still is the only group I feel 100% comfortable around and it's because we were all friends before the babies came along (for the most part).

    I can't wait to see some of the links!

  6. this is so wonderful! isn't it amazing the power of blogging? i feel i'm not a very good blogger because it's so hard to reach out to others (email, comments, texts, calls) … i guess three kids limits my time a bit. haha. i don't think i ever told you this, but when i started blogging more seriously (about a year and a half ago maybe two) you were one of the woman that i felt a connection with. now i'm off to check out these other lovely ladies. looking forward to this week. i'm feeling a bit inspired to do something similar and keep the blog love going.

    you're awesome little lady!

  7. such a sweet and lovely post! its funny as i also follow emily and lauren on instagram and simply adore the bunch of you. florida seems filled to the brim with amazing and inspiring women~ thanks for sharing! im looking forward to reading kristina's blog and continuing to send love from canada! xo

  8. I like how Marlowe is trying to take a dive out of your arms in the top picture. She's ready to go!

  9. I am REALLY not a fan of groups (you may have guessed this from reading my blog!) and the thought of "mom groups" makes my stomach turn. Its great that you have been able to collect some wonderful people OUTSIDE of that group dynamic, and oh my, the internet is great for that. I am very happy to have found you online for many many reasons, but one of which is that you always take care to share your heart and things close to it with your readers. It inspires me not to just skim along the surface myself (which I am perfectly happy with doing, but, you know … that's not what its supposed to be about).

    OK I've run out of steam. Time to end this comment 😉

  10. Ha! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that mom-groups are for the birds. Seriously, just because we have kids doesn't mean we're all cut out to be buddies. I basically think I would be lost without social media now, and technology in general. It's too far to see most of my friends very often, but thankfully the internet and text messaging keep us all in touch!

  11. I'm looking forward to your new 'sharing blogs' post drea. it is always nice to be introduced to new inspiring blogs. i too have met other mums through blogging, some whom i think it would be possible to meet up with as they are uk based. others like you that i'll have to wait for a lottery win for 😉
    who knows though hey? never say never and all that!

  12. i totally relate to your feelings about mom groups, i seriously burst out laughing when i read what you wrote! when i had my son, 16 months ago, many people urged me to go and i tried a few times, and i felt soooo out of place. then kinda depressed that making new friends was feeling really hard (most of my friends are baby-free and on different schedules). i also realized that being a mom doesn't mean we're sure friends! i met some moms more organically and am also developing some great new friendships with the hopes that our kids will be friends too! it's so cool to see all of you out together. i hope to get there one day too!

    plus as a reader, it's great to find blogs with like-minded people, we get a lot of support from you too!