Eeep. This post should have been up early this morning, but this mama woke up late with a nice big lump in her throat, unable to swallow (pretty sure it was maybe, possibly due to a dairy allergy. I may have had a bite of cheese :/ I’ve stayed vegan otherwise, but oops, lesson learned.) I’m feeling much better now and watching Marlowe jump up and down, while saying her new favorite word “elmooo” 😉

Last night, I met up with one of the sweetest ladies I’ve been introduced to thanks to the internet, Jessica. I’ve met her a million times, but never had the pleasure of sitting down with her or sweet friend, Kate. I was instantly bombarded by endless amounts of kindness.  I can’t believe none of us took photos. I think I was too overwhelmed 🙂 We spent about three hours chatting and eating at The Coolinary Cafe, it was a-maz-inggg. 
You can see her amazing photography on her site: Jessica Lorren Organic Photography. It’s the perfect site to add to your reader if you’re into looking at amazing photos filled with natural light, perfect little details, and love. 
I actually found Jessica through one of my past (and future) sponsors: Johanna (her etsy). Shortly after being engaged, I posted about being clueless about planning a wedding. Johanna emailed me and mentioned Jessica, as a local wedding photographer (she travels too, I’m just lucky to have her local to me ;). I checked out her site (while looking at sooo many others) and instantly fell in love. A few days later, I received the sweetest email from Paige and we ended up choosing her (and her husband) for our wedding photographers. Of course, the wedding never happened, but you know, that happens. A few months later, I was ringing up the sweetest customer at the truck, I glanced down at the name on the receipt, and realized it was Jessica! I introduced myself and bam: That’s that, now I know another amazing and extremely talented lady. 
Jessica @jessicalorren
Paige @paigefjones
Johanna (shop re-opening soon)
& for an extra connection! the photos from above feature Jordana, one of my favorite IG ladies…
Jordana: @jordanaclaudia
Jordan’s lovely sister: Sam @hullosam 


  1. Those photos are beautiful, thanks for the link love, will definitely be adding these! Who doesn't need beautiful photographs to brightn up your day?!

    I love friendship connections, and when people keep popping up in your life in different ways, meant to be!

  2. Beautiful photos! Isn't funny how things happen sometimes!

    P.S. I've been checking out your blog for a coule of months now and loving it!

  3. Ah love this! Pretty sure I stalk Jessica's Instagram and everything else on a regular basis.
    Can't wait to come back and sponsor in August! 🙂