One cheer for giveaway time! &two cheers for the most adorable prints to ever make it on children’s clothing! No seriously, I may have squealed a little bit to find a print with torquise and pink flamingos, sporting sunglasses. Kristin, a Swede, living in Singapore, is most definitely one talented designing, woman. All I want (and need) right now is: this print, in my size, preferably in pant suit form. Until that happens, I am content with Marlowe looking absolutely adorable (and cozy) in Gardner And The Gang
Gardener And The Gang is offering one ohdeardrea reader: 
a t-shirt and legging of their choice. 
To enter:
Take a peek at Gardner And the Gang and leave a comment down below with what two items you would choose if you won
For an additional entry: tweet about the giveaway and leave a second, additional comment, with a link to your tweet. ( enter to win the @GardnerGang giveaway on ohdeardrea! @ohdeardreababy )

Be sure to check them out on:

ps. for all those who keep telling me I need a kiddo cookbook– Thank you! I know, I would love love love for that to happen one day. Maybe one day. Anything is possible, right?

Whoops. Totally forgot to mention: this giveaway closes next tuesday, the 24th at midnight. It is open internationally. Good luck 🙂


  1. I love those grey harem pants! And one of the helmut t-shirts to go with them. So cute!

  2. Oh wow, these prints are killer. I would love the Skull Tee in grey for my boy and the Helmut leggings in pink for my girl! 🙂

  3. Helmut Harem Pant in Grey and Love Skull T-shirt in White. That way my little boof would have two different prints to rock.

  4. Helmut Harem Pant in Grey and Love Skull T-shirt in White. That way my little boof has two different prints to rock.

  5. Okay… so ALL of their clothes are pretty darn cute, but I especially like helmut t-shirt in white and the love skull harem pants in gray. SOOO cute!!

  6. I would love to get the helmut romper white and the love skull romper white :)!

  7. What an awesome print! I love Gardner Harem pants in gray & the Helmut romper in white.

  8. Im in love with the love skull t shirt and the love skull harem pants!! Adorable!!

  9. I would have to have one of those flamingo tees, but I love the skull stuff too! So cute! -melisa (ohmelisa@yahoo.com) (www.aintthattheberries.com)

  10. I love everything! I would have to have one of the flamingo tees… but I might also need the grey skull one too! -melisa (ohnmelisa@yahoo.com) (www.aintthattheberries.com)

  11. maaaaan it would make my month to win this one! the total helmut flamingo jam, in white i do believe. thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Errrrrr wowzers! Amazing giveaway. And if it's international then defo the love skull tshirt in white and the leggings in grey. I LOVE them!

  13. Gardner T-shirt Lilac and Helmut Harem Pant White. The harem pants are not only super cute, they also look like they'll fit over cloth diapers well!

  14. Helmut Harem Pant White and Gardner T-shirt Lilac! The harem pants are not only super cute, but they look like they'll fit over cloth diapers really well!

  15. Def the Helmut Leggings in pink and the Helmut tee in lilac 🙂 SO cute. Of course M makes them even cuter 🙂

  16. Thanks for introducing me to this line, it's so cute! My two faves would be the grey harem pant, and the helmut harem pant in white. I can't trust my little one with cute tops, she ruins them daily 🙂

  17. Oh those Helmut Leggings in pink and Love Skull T in pink would just be too adorable for my little lady! They have some cute, cute stuff!

  18. I'd love to see the helmet harem pants and tee in white. Um, who could go wrong with pink flamingos on a baby?? NO ONE.

  19. Plain Jane here :). I'd love the Gardner white shirt and the grey leggings for my little one… Thanks for the opportunity

  20. Seems popular! Helmet harem and tee in grey!
    Ps love your blog drea, you're an inspiring momma and person.

  21. So cute! I would choose the grey helmut t and the grey herem pants. If those aren't considered "leggings" then I would chose the gardner grey leggings

  22. I also tweeted about the giveaway and accidentally unfollowed you in the process! haha!

  23. My love bug would look sooo cute in the Helmut Harem Pant in White and the white Helmut tee! wow soooo cute!

  24. The love skull grey harem pants and the grey helmut t are both just killer!

  25. My toddler would look great in the gray helmut t and Some matching harem pants.

  26. I would pick the skull onesie in grey and the grey harem pants. Baby harem pants, come on!!

  27. i would get the harem pants in gray and the romper with skulls in white. so cute!

  28. oh man, anything with the love skull print, and i loves the white flamingo romper.