As mentioned, there are some big plans and things happening on this side of the screen. Nothing permanently life changing, by any means… but a proper adjustment, for sure. Miss Marlowe Paloma and I are heading north, to Massachusetts. With the summer bringing in excessive heat and taking away opportunities to work (offseason offseason offseason), it puts me in a bit of a tight situation. My step-mom (and dad) will be out of the country in August, which is awesome for them, but makes my childcare support a wee bit difficult. Not to mention, the issues that Alex brings me with childcare (ahem: lack of childcare), are becoming taxingly more annoying. Anddd to top it off: the truck is closing in September, not permanently, but for a while. Yeah, yikes, a whole month without work (can we say penny pinching and zero time to clear my head?). Well, this is all fine, and not something I really panicked about. It’s part of what comes with living this unconventional and luckily, very flexible life. I asked Alex what he would do, if he were in my position, raising Marlowe full time, not really wanting to put her in daycare (and unable to afford it alone), and unable to have another sitter… his response? “I don’t know, I guess I would live at home”. Thats not really an option for me… once, I left home, that was it. One: space is limited at my dads, I’d be a pretty big inconvenience. Two: my mom lives in Massachusetts. Three: all my parents (step-parents included) work, so even living at home wouldn’t give me a full time sitter. And finally: I like my space and I like being able to support Marlowe, in my home, on my own. But, going and being home, kind of makes sense… at least for now…. So I did it. I talked to my boss and told her of my plans. I quit my gym membership. And I bought a one way ticket to Boston, Massachusetts. As of August 7th, me and the bunny are living with my mom. As of the 9th, I start a new job, in a funky little restaurant in Worcester, MA. I’m pretty excited, and only a little bit nervous. I have mixed emotions about going back home. I haven’t been north since last August, when this happened, leaving me with a bit of sad emotions (maybe more disappointed, than sad) about being there again. It’s been a year now, and it’s incredible how many times my life has changed and how many things I’ve gone through— some bad, but most good (very good). This change should be a good one. Marlowe is at the age where she can easily adjust and adapt. We’ll have a proper yard, more help, a lot more time for cooking(!), and sooo many new things for her to explore. As far as Alex, he seems to be okay with everything, not exactly happy, but he understands. This is how things are and how it works. There are still few loose ends to tie up, but I’m ready: I’m ready to pick up and go, at least for a while. In between working as much and as hard as I can, I have a few other adventures planned. I want to make a few mini-mini road trips to see friends, because there are many people that I haven’t seen in way too long. And I plan on harassing some internet mamas while I’m up there too for some long overdue baby (and mama) play-dates. I’ve got a lot to look forward to. Wish this mama and baby team luck 🙂

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&speaking of sponsors: only one day left to enter the gardner and gang giveaway! &plusalso: our sponsor post, plus another giveaway will be posted soon! 🙂

Oh, and if you’re in the New England area and want to meet up for some yummy food or something, we can totally make that happen 🙂


  1. Wow, this is so cool. My sister lives near Worcester, I love going to MA. I live in Maine. And my ex lived in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth for awhile.

  2. welcome back to new england! i live in NH (right near boston) & it's oh. so. lovely. here.

    good luck!

    p.s. you can come visit us. we have chickens 🙂

  3. Massachusetts is the best. I live in western Mass, which is like its own little world. You and Marlowe will love it!!

  4. Welcome to Massachusetts! I own a house not far from Worcester. I would love to meet little Marlow and you sometime for a playmate once you are settled!!! I'm sure that this adventure will be a good thing for you both. Sometimes a change can be a wonderful thing.


  5. Good luck Drea and Marlowe!!! I live in NH which is right next door to MA! Feel free to reach out to me if you are in need of a friend, or to do some yummy vegan food up, or to have a play date (I have a 16 month old daughter). We love adventures! Email: desiree.larochelle@yahoo.com
    Safe travels! P.S.-I am super excited to read about your New England Adventures!!!

  6. eek!! so exciting!! I really can't wait to hear about all your adventures in the bay state! I grew up & lived in Boston for 20 years and I miss it dearly 🙂 I think it is a great decision you made, you'll save big time on rent & sitters, & have people that love and support you nearby. I wish we could move back east but my husband's business is in Chicago right now….but as I'm sure you know, who knows what time will tell 😉 Good luck with the move!!!

  7. wahoo! you ladies are going to take MA by storm! I live in Vermont & truly think that new england is a magical place. looking forward to you & marlowe's adventures..

  8. this is all really exciting! good luck with everything – scary and nerve racking as it may be, it is sure to be an incredible change for you and marlowe! so much love being sent your way! xox

  9. I've been following your blog for quite some time and when I read your recent posts about Worcester, MA I was shocked because low and behold, I live here! I know this is a major move for you but I'm pretty excited to learn that you'll be nearby; Worcester is a strange city (as I'm sure you know) so I can understand/appreciate how this will be a big change but there honestly is a lot of really amazing things here. You'll see how much it's changed over the years! I wish you the best of luck and feel free to reach out to me if you need a friend/anything! =](my email is melaniejlaramie@gmail.com

  10. good luck lovely ladies! and welcome back to new england! if you ever find yourself in maine and want some place(s)for yummy eats let me know – I also have a little one…

  11. i think i may need to plan a roadtrip to boston! which, isn't out of the question. the company we use to order our fish is located in boston and jon (and sometimes i tag along) goes out everyonce in awhile to tour the facitlity. i'll keep ya posted ♥

    and don't ever forget, change can be good.

  12. I love reading your blog! It is so refreshing and I love looking at all of the pics of your adventures! Miss Marlowe is an absolute doll!! Enjoy the move, change is always good and exciting! 🙂

  13. YIPPEE!! A visit to New York or a visit from New yorkers should be in the works FOR SURE!

    good luck and hugs to you both,

  14. What exciting news!! Good luck. I can't wait to hear about your new adventures in MA (we live in western MA and LOVE it)! The best time of the year is the end of summer into Fall around here…in my opinion. If you're ever in our side of the state, my son and I would love to meet up 🙂

  15. That's awesome. I love New England with all of my heart and hope you'll enjoy living up here. I live in CT but I'm always up in MA visiting family and friends. I hope we can meet up one day!

  16. That's big news, Drea! Good luck with everything you are both into, girls! Is little Jerry moving his sleeping bag and tennis balls with you? All the best!!! xxx

  17. I live in England. Does that count?!
    Oh if only Marlowe and Stanley could play together…and we could drink beer!

    Anyway good luck with the move – all sounds pretty great, and change can sometimes be good. And in this case it sounds good. Your Mum seems lovely and her house is amazing – all lush and green.
    I guess the local house move is on hold hey?
    Can't wait to see and hear about your new adventures further up north.

    Al best wishes Drea, love Sarah xoxo

  18. Dearest Drea,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now & have commented a few times. I would love to comment more, but like you have a wee little one who, well lets face it, absorbs most my time. And I happily oblidge of course!

    I like you… a lot. You have spunk, you're wise beyond your years, you're talented in so many amazing ways, decorator extraordinaire, masterchef, honest, refreshing & lets face it just completely stunning inside & out.

    You go girl, enjoy this next wind in your road. Your mamas house looks amazing, what a lovely place to call home for as long as you wish too.

    Gosh, I wish you were closer (I live in Australia)- would love to have you & Marlowe over.I guess i'll have to settle with tuning in to see what wonderful adventures you get into. happy travels drea.

    all my love, ash x

  19. Drea, I'm excited for the new things cropping up in your life. 🙂 I clicked the link, and your mom's house looks bea–OOOOO-utiful!! It's also awesome and very lucky that you already have a job lined up. Just want to say that I'm happy for you, wish all the best, and love both the adorable baby in those photos and those (Day of the Dead?) pillows on the couch.

  20. Thats great news for you!! Good luck and I look forward to read about your new life in Massachusetts, I have to admit its a state Id love to live in once in my life.

  21. Now I really wish your home was close! I'll take it out of your hands!!!
    U need a good support team & I'm sure your mom is beyond exstatic!!!

  22. I didn't realize Marlowe's middle name is Paloma! That's the name of my baby girl. And we live in MA. Always need more doves in the area. Fall is the best time here. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  23. That is big news! Good luck with the trip, and I look forward to hearing how you're settling in. I'm stoked you'll have more time for cooking. I love your toddler-friendly recipes and food posts. In related news, Marlowe is very nearly the cutest baby on the internet (after my own of course, ahem). Best of luck to you two on this adventure! It's going to be great. 🙂

  24. Can't wait till the day that I (creepily) see you around Worcester, squeel at Marlow's cuteness, and then awkwardly decide whether or not to introduce myself…

  25. How very exciting! What will you do with all of your stuff? Are you planning on coming back o the same house or packing up for good? Congratulations. Change is always good. 🙂

  26. How exciting! What will you do with all of your stuff? Are you planning on coming back to your house or do you have the intention of staying up North? Congratulations. Change is good. 🙂

  27. This is exciting! We're hoping to transfer to Boston next year. That area is so full of culture and beauty. I can't wait to watch your journey!

  28. Wow, this is huge news!!! That's awesome you can just pick up and move, and have a job waiting there for you and everything. I'm sure it'll be nice to have motherly support closer to home then too. 🙂 Good luck, Mama! You're amazing! 🙂