Helllo! again! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m currently in bed (not in a nighty), with Marlowe snoring up a storm next to me. It’s fabulous. Anyway… 😉 I want to introduce you all to Jillian. Not only is she my large sponsor of this month, but she’s also incredibly wonderful and fabulous (let’s see how many times I can say fabulous in one post– thats two), trust me, I know her. We grew up in the same town: good ole’ Worcester Massachusetts. I hold so many mixed emotions about that place that I once called home… but we can talk about that later. Here’s an interesting tidbit of info, I met Jillian through her younger brother… who happened to be my first very awkward, middle school kiss. Yes, oh to be young, and in middle school and have your first messy kiss in a limo for a friends birthday party. Heh, yeah, so I ran into him again, down here, in Florida, of all places, and was able to connect a little bit with Jillian. Well, she’s long gone now, and living a really amazing (ahem: fabulous) life up north. She’s here today to share little bit of that life with you. She’s fun, smart, witty, radiant, and simply stunning. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do….

Jillian, of Sally Forth Chronicles
July is easily my favorite month. Not only is it officially sun tan season (woot! woot!), Independence Day has an extra special meaning for me. Its the day every year that I celebrate victory over my formerly crappy life and freedom from all the things that once drove me to cry rivers. The transformation all started with a list – except unlike all the mundane ones I had jotted down in the past, it turns out this particular one called for me to throw in the towel with my jerky husband, mend my torn up heart and start having some easy breezy fun for a change. 

Now years later I’m officially a dirty little fun have-er and SallyForth is where I indulge in all the good this life has to offer. And on the days when life feels hard, well, I write that down too. I hope to be inspired and inspiring but if all I manage is hilarity, I can certainly be happy with that. This opportunity to sponsor ohdeardrea during my favorite month is a thrilling one! Not only do I have a cherry red heart for this little lady (and her even littler lady!), I find the heartfelt honesty in her posts to be something special and I want to splish splash around in her world (and somehow also find myself an awesome yellow couch while I’m at it!).  And so we begin a month of ohdeardrea inspired posts! Here’s a taste – I hope you like it! 

Brunch on Toast

Got some great friends who’ve never met each other but really should? I say wake them up, sit them under a tree and let them order things on toast! I was clearly way too excited about my order to think about taking a photo until it was nearly all gone -sorry about that- but truthfully you’re lucky I had the will power to stop and snap one at all. It was incredible! This was Tartinery’s take on the classic Club Sandwich: turkey, brie, bacon, tomato, iceberg, herb mayo on a toasted french baguette. 

Meet me and meet my Matt. He’s a bottle of beer kinda guy and I’m pretty much a walking mimosa.  He’s my sweet love and one of the biggest reasons why my years lately have been so great. He works hard, plays hard and loves hard. I’m a very lucky lady.

Following brunch, we hit the streets for a self designed vintage shopping tour. The goal was to seek out treasures from my favorite decade – the 1950s – while seeing what adventure we can get into along the way.

Because it was a hot day, we took every precaution to avoid dehydration! 

I am particularly proud of this find. Thanks to Matt’s stellar negotiating skills, we got this little baby for 60% off!

And then something glorious and unexpected happened – we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Pride Parade. And since we clearly could not beat the crowds, we decided to join them!

This twist to our day inspired us to hatch a plan. We would break down into groups, scavenge the city for ingredients and meet back at our Manhattan apartment in 27 minutes for an impromptu backyard bbq. Oh yeah, Matt and I have a secluded private backyard in the middle of NYC. Eat your hearts out!

 The rest of the night was as effortless as it was delicious. The chefs cooked, the servers served and the bartenders… went to bed early. No, not really. The bartenders mixed up an array of whiskey cocktails inspired by a recent run in with Matt’s favorite whiskey educator. Total cost for the impromptu 8 person dinner party – $43! 

And in the end, besides the piles and piles of dishes, we each walked away feeling that we were part of something special and that life can be pretty darn good when you surround yourself with positive people. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope our paths cross again sometime! 

Visit Jillian’s page 🙂