Welp, another great blog for you guys to check out. I’ll admit, this blog is pretty new to me. I only started reading The Stork and the Beanstalk when Ashley emailed me about sponsorship. Ashley is freakin’ adorable and about to pop out a new baby any-day-now. This guest-post is exactly what I mean when I talk about the small (BIG) community we have here, on the internet. We share our stories, other people share their stories, we ask questions, seek advice, and learn more. You know, we grow from each other. Well, I hope we do. I would hate to think we regress into some less knowledgeable being… or something 😉 I hope you enjoy this post, visit Ashley’s blog, and if you have them, you share your tips with her on feeding a picky toddler 🙂  
To Ashley…..
Hello my fellow OhDearDrea readers. I’m Ashley and I’m honored to be doing a guest post today. I recently started a little blog called The Stork and the Beanstalk after being inspired by other blogs, namely OhDearDrea. I love the idea of building an online community of support in the spirit of motherhood. Here’s a sneak peak at my journey through motherhood:
There you have ME. I’m a nurse by day, mother-wife-dog walker-plant waterer-dish washer-laundry folding-toilet scrubbing maniac by night. Here are some tidbits:
I’m pregnant and due to give birth (hopefully at home) pretty darn soon. And by soon I mean I could be in labor as you are reading this.
I am a treasure hunting addict.
I believe stylizing a boy is just as much fun as playing dress up with a girl.

I love traveling and capturing life from behind the lens of my camera.

Willy is my husband. He yearns to punch the creator of the five day work week in the face, is awkwardly fantastic at pin ball, eats dessert every night, and loves trading odds and ends for work on his tattoos. 
Hooper is our first-born son, the center of our universe, the proverbial apple of our eyes, the reason we call ourselves mama and papa before anything else. He’s sometimes a monster, usually a horrible eater, and always a dog-terrorizer.
Sarah is our dog. She is the one terrorized
I turn to OhDearDrea often to check out what the oh-so-darling Marlowe is eating. I mean seriously, this kid has me totally perplexed, utterly impressed, and beyond amazed. I just can’t fathom that this little cutie not only eats this stuff, but can’t seem to get enough of it. I find myself often wondering what Hooper would do if I shipped him out to Florida and he landed on Drea’s doorstep. I’m sure it helps that Drea is setting a good example. In fact, I’m starting to think that’s the key. Dammit. Why does getting Hooper to eat healthy have to involve me eating healthy?

I’ve heard people say that you shouldn’t make your kids food separately, rather you should teach them to eat as you eat. The assumption here is that what you are eating is better than what they are eating. Not the case here folks. A while back, I shared a post titled Mommy Confessions sharing HIGH-larious confessions of other mommies. Well, here’s a personal confession: I make my grilled cheese with a fair amount of butter on sourdough bread and I make Hooper’s grilled cheese on whole wheat bread recommended by the American Heart Association. Ok, that’s not all. I also add some spinach or turkey to his. Ok, that’s all. I swear. Do I have to join the “shame on you” mom’s club? What has your experience been with getting your children to eat healthy? I know my parents tried tirelessly, but it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I started to eat vegetables. And I only eat them now because they are good for me. I’m a long long loooooooonnnnggg way away from actually enjoying them.

Come by, say hello, and share your secrets. 
***ps. this guest post remind me a bit of the post I did for Bridget of Tales Of Me And My Husband. The post is super old, totally weird to read the intro, but you know, thats how it goes. Bridget is another blogger that I like to peek in on when I get a chance. If we were friends in real life, it might get a bit weird since I’m a tiny midget and she’s a super tall babe, but I’m sure we could make it work. I’ll probably be popping by to see her this summer in Massachusetts (she doesn’t know it yet). She’s a pretty spectacular lady. Jessica and I, even discussed her yesterday at dinner. &my mom can’t get enough of her blog… if that says
or means anything at all 😉

oh and! oops. I typo’ed yesterday for sure. instagram follow: @jordanaclaudia 😉 that’s what happens when my bedtime is two am… which you know, is every night. I typically blog at one am 😉 no sleep for this woman. 


  1. youuuuuuu. you come by the hunt abode ANY TIME. i will have some things on toast at the ready, you hear?!


  2. Thank you, Drea, for the guest post. You have some amazing readers that have left me the nicest and most supportive comments on my blog. It's truly a reflection of how special you are.

    Ashley @ The Stork and The Beanstalk

  3. the spaghetti picture is the best thing i've eveeer seen! And Sarah is super cute.

    I started reading Stork and the Beanstalk last week actually! Amazing people