I had been wanting to take Marlowe on an ice-cream date for quite some time now… and as this trip was coming closer and closer, I knew I was going to lose out on this opportunity. Well, the weekend before the flight, it seemed like the perfect (and only last chance) to make this dream happen. It was such a fun (And extremely adorable) moment to watch Marlowe eat her first ever (vegan) ice-cream cone.


I’m on my second full day here in Massachusetts… just trying to figure it all out. My emotions are confused: not mixed, but confused. The introvert in me is struggling to adjust… and the go go go in me is pushing myself to new limits. More on that later (tomorrow)… with lots of pictures of a rather interesting and eventful day.  For now… nap time with baby… then some business, dinner making, and my first shift of work, this evening. Adjust adjust adjust.


  1. It's funny how an ice cream cone always looks better when a little one is eating it.. 🙂

    The colored sprinkles are the best! That's what my daughter thinks anyways.

  2. I just got caught up on your last few posts and I am so happy you are here in my state! I was born and raised in a town next to Worcester and know the city so well and am there often. I am so curious as to what restaurant you're working at! It is very different up here but I hope you are adjusting well.

  3. Eeeeek! I can't WAIT for firsts like this! We're currently working on rolling over from tummy to back. I hope this day was all you had hoped it would be. Your little one's dress is darling. And now I want an ice cream cone on this dreadfully hot day in southern California.

  4. Great pictures! I can relate to the introvert thing. I have a hard time meeting new people and adjusting to new places. Time works it's magic eventually.

  5. Good luck on your first day! And the new adjustments to follow.
    Marlowe is absolutely adorable eating her first ice-cream!

  6. your Marlowe is just gorgeous, did you make that dress? it reminds me so much of dresses my mom made me when I was little, heartstrings pulling over here!
    Give yourself time in your new environment. That's a whole lot of change so fast! It will seem like home soon enough, allow yourself to lean into it and know that the universe will take care of you.

  7. I recently became hooked on soy frozen yogurt via my local juice place, when they put it in my smoothie. OH MY GAWD. Amazing. I want to visit a place like the one you visited with Marlowe! That sprinkle-covered ice cream cone is calling to me! 😀

    Glad you are settling in xo