We made it! We did we did! Or as Marlowe would say: “I did it!!”. Good job, Marlowe, you did it (she really did, that girl deserves a million kisses and thanks). We’re here. And it’s beautiful. The journey was long, very long. A six hour time difference is kind of a big jump, but we actually seem to be right on schedule, and we’ve only had one full night here… so… so far, so good. We arrived before sunrise on Wednesday morning (4:45 am, Hawaii time. 10:45 am east coast time) and we both managed to stay awake until a proper nap time, but of course, spent the first day almost completely out of it. I attempted to push through it and make dinner, but really, I was a walking zombie, and should have just zonked out. I only slept an hour (two, max), the night before, while traveling! There doesn’t seem to be a necessary adjustment time here (except maybe, getting accustomed to the food). It just is what it is. I’m not completely one hundred percent with it yet, but it’ll only get better, once a routine is built, and I get into the swing of things. I’m really loving the weather out here. The weather feels more like home. Sunny like Florida, but not excessively (dreadfully) hot. There is no AC, but it’s totally not needed. Thank you, perfect breeze. Marlowe is loving the kids, the baby (“bahhbeeee”), all the new toys, and the beach. I’m loving that we’re here, we’re actually, really here. It’s not a dream, we made it. 
Marlowe’s hairbow c/o cutiedooty
I’ll be back with stories of traveling alone, across America (and the pacific ocean), with a toddler… and with an overload of kid and beach photos. Like, seriously, if you don’t like pictures of kids and babies, playing in the perfect, postcard image environment, then I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know, I just don’t know, you’ve be warned. 


  1. Aloha! Woohoo you made it. Funny, I just read this post upon returning home from a Hawaiian Luau dinner and performance. You better return with not just some great photos but with some new hippie dance moves. HULA dance moves. Looks pretty dang beautiful over there, lucky ladies. Enjoy. Aloha.

  2. Brings back fond memories from our holiday this summer! Wish I could go back!
    Really inspiring to see that the long haul flight went well. My sister, and co-writer, is moving to Dubai, and we're planning on going there in Feb. If Marlowe did it so can Lucia 🙂

  3. Hi! Just found your blog and been reading a lot. My mum was on her own all through my childhood and although I know she had a lot to contend with, I have so many wonderful memories and couldn't have asked for any better. You seem like you really have your head screwed on and I have so much respect for people like you and my mum. I think Marlowe will make you proud and be proud of you when she grows up, too. 🙂

  4. Looks absolutely incredible, I wish I could jump on a plane and join you girls and bump up that baby boy tally for M!!
    Congrats on travelling that far by yourself, you are one awesome lady! Bring on the photos of beach babes, I cannot wait to see them!
    With love xoxo

  5. Love this! It reminds me of when I was a kid and my very favorite show would do a special series of episodes in a tropical vacation destination. 🙂

  6. Aw, it's just gorgeous there, you two are so lucky! Marlowe looks so happy. 🙂 Glad you made it safely, and bring on the beach baby pics!! x

  7. Yaii Marlowe! yaii to both of you, that place looks beautiful and for some reason M looks so grown up now 🙂

  8. Happy to hear you guys made it safely! Yay! I've always dreamed of going to Hawaii! Looking to forward to tons of pictures!

  9. You made it!!! I am so proud of Marlowe!!! We wanted to take Judah to Hawaii but keep putting it off because honestly I am scared of traveling that long with a toddler.

    Love the pictures! Love that you and Maryam get to hang out together 🙂 Marlowe looks so happy

  10. oh how beautiful!!! so happy you both made it. have a great weekend and fun settling in. can't wait for more pictures.