Marlowe has been loving it here. Really, really loving it. She seems to have grown so much in the past few weeks (and month) and has just be taking off more than ever. The little girl who didn’t speak, now knows many, many words. Well, I guess she always knew them, but now she says them too 😉 She knows the whole alphabet, except for “W”. Well, she knows it, but refuses to try to say it anymore. Instead, she prefers to flip the letter upside-down  and call it an “M”. Smart, stubborn cookie. My heart melted a little bit tonight, when she started saying the names of different vegetables. She sat on the counter, while I cooked (we made tofu scramble), and learned “pepper, onion, garlic, tomato, and zucchini”. Perfection. It’s been really nice for me to have more people around to lend a hand or pick up a baby, when needed. I’ve only actually gone out twice (my first day adventure and last night) but, it’s nice to know I could be out right now if I wanted or needed, and Marlowe would be taken care of. Marlowe loves all the stairs and hills here. Walking down a hill is a new and fun adventure for her, and only a wee bit scary for me. She has stayed on schedule, like a champ (minus one no nap day– but it was more my fault). She is obsessed with my step-father’s coo coo clock. And sits by the stairs with my mother, waiting for it to announce a new hour. She has a new Jerry, that rarely leaves her side. She is actually trying to learn and say people’s names now. And is constantly asking for “Katie, Ari, &baby”. “Baby” being her new toddler friend she met today. Some things are harder here, but more for me than for her… like: the stairs, and the size of this home in general. Everything was within arms reach in our tiny, tiny Florida home. Here: I’m losing pounds climbing up and down and up and down, trying to gather all our things together. Also, I’m learning (and doing a pretty good job) to be more lax about certain things: like spoiling. My mom and step-father love Marlowe to bits and both want to be (and are) loved by her. Orange juice and an occasional lollipop isn’t uncommon anymore. She’s just so happy and it makes me happy too. I’m glad there never seemed to be much of an adjustment period for her, she just settled so well, which is key, since we’ll be on our way again, sooner rather than later 😉 It took me a bit longer to settle in, but really, not that long at all. I’m just so happy to have this kiddo always by my side. Wherever we are now, she refers to it as “home”. 


  1. oh my goodness she's getting so big….so happy the adjustment period is over and everyone is happy 🙂 god bless you both!

  2. These photos are just gorgeous and I can't believe how much she has grown. I am so happy to hear that things are going well!!!

  3. That is one seriously adorable little lady you have there! I only recently discovered your blog but have really been enjoying following it since. x

  4. She looks like she has gotten taller! And I am not surprised she is talking up a storm. We miss y'all! So glad things are going well.

  5. Children adjust amazingly well to new situations and environments, we so often underestimate children when we could learn a lot from them. It seems that the older we grow, the more set in our ways we can become, learning fears which aren't real and clinging to things and beliefs that no longer serve us. You have a beautiful relationship with your daughter, one I aspire to have one day if I have children. Good luck on this new adventure. Remember, you are a woman, you are a mother (ie you are STRONG).

  6. You are such a strong mama and I am very inspired by you. I recently became a single mother to my 10 month old daughter. Her Dad and I had a tumultuous four years and just couldn't make it work anymore. He's still around, but like you, I do and have always done everything for my daughter. Please keep telling your story, it really helps to read your words.

  7. i find that when children leave their normal surroundings for a bit, is when they grow (in size and mental) the most. Will and i always comment about Lily when we return to miami from wv. this past time was no exception.
    go Marlowe!

  8. she looks so long and tall all of a sudden! glad you are both enjoying your time in mass!

  9. I'm so glad it is going well for her. She is thriving and you are such a good man. I can't believe how frown up she looks – I remember reading the first post after she was born. Time goes so quickly!

    Hope YOU are thriving up there too. Hugs!