For a while now, I’ve been majorly debating whether I would make the switch to an automated option for quick sponsor set up. I signed up for passionfruit, filled out most of it, left the tab open for about three days, and then decided against it. I think the idea is brilliant, I really do, it’s easy to set it up, you put up a few click buttons, and bam, your ad is up! Easy, but it takes away from the personal level that emails (back and forth and back and forth) can create. Sure, this way takes up a fair amount of time (that I’m already struggling to find)… and many nights, I am up far, far later than I should be, but when everything is said and done, it’s worth it. I’ve connected with and met some really wonderful people through this blog (many of them being sponsors), and I want to keep that going. So here we are again saying, if you’d like to sponsor ohdeardrea next month: email me.
I’ve changed the ad set up a little bit. Not too much, but enough to hopefully satisfy everyone. I’ve added a fourth option, increased prices for some options, and decreased prices for others. You can check out the new sponsorship page for size and price options and the contact page for other information on working together.
As mentioned, there is a lot going on over here, even more and more (amazing) changes constantly happening, so the sooner everything gets reserved and settled, the better. And since change can be hard or overwhelming sometimes (and to celebrate all the good things going on), I’m offering a 20% discount for medium and small ads. 
Thank you over and over again for being part of this community and my (and Marlowe’s) life. REally, thank you.



  1. i completely agree with you on this. i started using passionfruit just to swap ads and it's made it much less personal. once i have some time, i'm going back to the old school…because it's so cool.