making new friends. the earth is kind of amazing.
sunscreen. everyday.
sunshine &bubbles.
a walk home from the beach. getting caught in the rain.
spring roll making // tofu thief.
drawing “doubles” (W’s)
everyday here, I feel like we’re on the set of LOST.
sweet little thing, waking up, rolling over, on top of a blogging mama.
fresh air cures all.
evening walk. birds?
I hand her a peanut butter &jelly sandwich. one minute later, I walk out &find her with a spoon in hand, eating the insides. smart girl.
we haven’t been home in over a month, yet she knows and remembers how we do things at home. she found a towel on the floor, picked it up, and hung it over the sink cabinet door, like I do in our kitchen. it’s the little things.
liliko’i (passionfruit) sorbet inside a papaya. it was worth the sugar headache.
&a video, part of a video anyway 😉 I love her so much! &her excitement for certain letters (usually Y and M). She knows them all now, that sweet little smarty.
I’m excited for tomorrow! We have a whole fun day planned with another blogging mama. Q: How many blogging moms can you find on one small island? A: apparently a lot. hehe. I told Marlowe we were going to the zoo… so she is obviously super excited too 🙂 Speaking of which, on our way home from the market yesterday, Maryam was sweet enough to stop so I could make Marlowe’s little dreams come true. We got out of the car, in the pouring rain to see real live loggerhead turtles, out in the wild. (I’m not sure how one finds fake ones in the wild, but you catch my excitement). We didn’t have an umbrella… or a towel… only a really large hat for Marlowe’s head… but it was well worth the downpour (it really came pouring down when we stepped on the beach) to see those huge wonderful creatures!
Ps. Our return flight for Florida has been booked! We will be in the San Jose/San Francisco area (first time!) for 2.2 days. Vegan, bread, beer, cute shop recommendations are highly appreciated 🙂 :)Happy Friday!


  1. i definitely second the votes for tartine, greens (it's a little more expensive, but they have an awesome take-out lunch counter with more inexpensive soups, sandwiches, salads, etc), and burma superstar. amazing all around.

    also. . . arizmendi has fabulous vegan muffins and foccacia and sometimes cookies, depending on the day. papalote has great soyrizo burritos and salsa i want to drink by the bucketful. millenium is expensive, but if you're going all out for a nice vegan dinner, it's definitely the standard.

    and, if you make it to oakland (across the bay bridge, just a short BART ride away), souley vegan does incredible vegan soul food and you can get take out and sit outside on the patio next door at beer revolution and drink any kind of beer you could possibly want. it's pretty much heaven.

  2. You gotta hit up Gracias Madre in the Mission, excellent Mexican food! And if you're looking for a little nicer dinner, Greens in the Marina is amazing.

    Hopefully we'll have some sunny weather for your visit to San Francisco; it really is an amazing city! 🙂

  3. I echo rock over london…and to the bread I'd add Tartine (around the corner from Bi-Rite)…most amazing bakery ever ever ever. Also on that corner is Dolores Park – a great spot for a toddler and a momma who loves to sun and people-watch. Make a day of the Mission for cute shops and awesome food! Enjoy my city 🙂

  4. How funny to see a New Zealand tea towel in Hawaii used by a mama from Florida. This world is massive and tiny all at once.

    • I had no idea that was thing! I asked Maryam, it is intact a NZ tea towel 🙂

  5. Burma Superstar is freaking amazing Burmese food in the inner Richmond. Tea leaf salad and samusa soup is the way to go. If you have time for the wait it is incredible! Golden Era in the Tenderloin (a little gritty but nothing to be afraid of) is super good as well for vegan chinese. Ananda Fuara on Market near Civic Center is pretty good. Love n' Haight has delicious vegan sandwiches (in the Lower Haight). Cha-Ya is vegan Japanese in the Mission. If you head down there you'll find TONS more vegan food also. Bi-Rite Creamery is in the Mission also and has vegan ice cream.

    (I used to date a vegan guy so I've been to several of these places and they're good, I promise!)

    • I love you. I love you. I love you. Bi-rite was already on my list. Will be googling the others for sure.

  6. DUDE!We just moved to Oakland from Florida a little bit ago! Holler if you want to hang out. My little girl is 2, and I got another cooking. For real, South Florida-in-California love!

    • no idea where oakland is. I'm a stranger to California. But if thats near San fran or San Jose email me. We can have a picnic meet up.

  7. Marlowe is so cute! And as for the towel it looks like a New Zealand one with kiwis and other creatures on it!

  8. If your in SF, let me steal you two for a lady (plus a little boy) date!!!!

    • email me! we can all meet up for a tar tine/bi-rite creamier picnic!

  9. looks like you guys are really taking full advantage of your big adventure!

  10. Eating the filling of her sandwich with a spoon and hanging the towel over the cupboard – melt, melt, melt! So fricken adorable x

  11. She is so clever! Child genius! Well done you teaching her so well…I'm off to drag Stanley from his nap to teach him his letters too 😉
    Love the look of the island…wish I could be the 4th blogging mama out there to play with you all.
    With love (from a too far away england)
    S xo