Roughly: nineteen hours of travel. Nineteen! That’s almost a whole entire day! I’m still wrapping my head around the idea. I leave my here on Tuesday around three pm and will not be arriving to Maryams house until almost 2 pm on Wednesday (with car time, check in, luggage/carseat finding it’s obviously much longer). Just the two of us. Wow. And this is all happening for me: someone who has wrote, more than once, about my fear of flying. Someone who once took a train from New York to Florida, from pure stubbornness in refusing to fly. And to top it all off, I didn’t even tell you guys about the flight here! Nobody liked us in the airport. Nobody. On the plane, well, we were lucky that our whole isle was empty, and the row across from us, had just one man who kindly smiled, letting me know that he wasn’t going to get angry at my toddler, and a woman traveling with an oversized escort dog of some sort, who was more concerned about her dogs legs over taking the plane, than my crying toddler. Every attempt I made to make the (quick) three hour journey, easier: failed. I stocked my bag with goodies for the flight… lots of treats that she wouldn’t normally get at home… but of course: not ever really eating sweets, has caused my kid to feel completely indifferent about them. Hand her a cookie, she takes one bite, and hands it back. Remember our ice cream date? She ate half, and handed it back and told me to finish it. Sweet treat bribery fail. Luckily, the plane had chips. I brought markers and stickers, this worked for a bit, and people were only slightly concerned about my completely colored and sticker tattooed kid once we landed. Purchased cute headphones: they worked great for our trial run, at home, but we’re refused on flight. Elmo and turtle videos? I never purchased them. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, she will love having a TV with lots of shows on board! Unfortunately, I booked a seat in the very first row, giving us more leg room, but a further and tinier TV screen. She payed no attention to it. Luckily, a Shrek movie was in my computer drive. And of course, luckily: it was one flight, three hours.
Well, lets consider the flight up here a practice run for this next journey Marlowe and I are about to embark on. This time: we have a one hour drive into Boston. Two layovers. Three planes. And then another hour drive to our destination. This trip means we will be traveling through dinner time, snack time, bed time, breakfast, one more snack, and arriving right around nap time. This time: more stickers, three Sesame Street videos, her favorite: A Turtle’s Tale, two bottles (hoping to find a Starbucks or some other vendor with a milk alternative, because I’ve learned the airlines don’t carry a dairy free option)– &yes, she is still handed a bottle for bedtime– we’re working on it… anyway: a moby wrap and/or ergo (I’m pleading with the travel-sanity gods that she lets me put her in it again, for bedtime), a bento box filled with hummus, dips, and chips, mini calzones (I made a few today, easy to hold, filed with tofu and red sauce.. should be good, right?), and cliff bars for mama. Phew. 
I just keep telling myself: just like anything else that I’ve accomplished with Marlowe, the only way anything will happen, is if I make it happen. I don’t have a choice, if I want to get the little and myself to Hawaii, I have to make it work. And if I have to do it by myself, then well, I’m doing it by myself. It’s an opportunity we are beyond lucky to have. &It will absolutely be worth it. This surely will be an adventure for the two of us. Good, bad, ridiculous, it’s something to remember forever. Wish us luck 🙂


  1. I hope your trip went smoothly. Hawaii will be so fabulous! And the bottle thing-pssh, let her have it. She's only gonna be a baby for so long and we all know she won't be sucking that thing when she goes to sleepovers one day. 😉

  2. IT sounds like you've prepared as much as you can! I hope the traveling goes well. That's a long strip for sure!

  3. You are a brave momma and from everything I read a fabulous lady, too. My heart is sending you good vibes in hopes of a peace-filled trip for you and Marlowe. From one single momma to another, I can imagine how you're feeling. I can't say I would be so brave as to make the commute to Hawaii, but I am certain once you're there, it will be worth the plane ride! 🙂

  4. good luck ! . . you're so adventurous !!! . . you deserve the best, both of you !! . . i'm looking forward to reading your next story there in hawaii . . i'm curious about the way it looks like, where you'll live and the views . . hope you have a nice trip !

  5. I do wish you luck! Somehow I feel like it's going to go alright. I hope it did! xo

  6. Such a fabulous adventure for you guys! from sweating in a food truck to feeling tropical breezes! the spirit of Hawaii is in your heart dear Drea!

  7. GOOD LUCK Drea and Marlowe! Hawaii is so close to my heart (it's where I got married and have visited many many times), I know you will thrive there!

  8. I couldn't imagine a toddler who would enjoy a plane ride! 🙂 When I moved to Seattle with my husband and son we took the Amtrak all the way from Madison, WI. He was a darling for the most part, but had his moments of 'stir craziness' in the small room we had. Adventures with a baby are always the best and you'll have a lifetime of memories from just this one trip. Good luck and have fun!

  9. sweet brave friend, so excited for you and your new adventure!! Can't WAIT to see pictures of you and Maryam on IG 🙂

  10. I took a 5 hour plane ride with a 3 month old Vaughn and on the way there I went insane – but on the way home he was a dream. I just kept telling myself that at some point, the plane ride would be over. Because it will, right? Just like everything else, it will eventually end. Good luck mama!

  11. I did something very similar with a toddler and a baby by myself a few months ago. It will be fine! A d when it's over, it's over!

  12. good luck!! You are so stocked with all sorts of goodies that something will work! We have irish twins {read 2 babies in 1 year} and when we fly with them or take them out to eat- you should see the looks. Lord have mercy!! When we fly, we always make a joke when we sit down and tell the people around us; we are fully stocked with goodies, but if this goes down hill, I'll buy you a drink.
    It lightens the mood, they know you mean business on trying to make this as enjoyable for them as well and you know that it might get ugly but you are working hard. It always has been fine and we only had one HUGE melt down and it was when we were getting off the plane.
    You'll do great and try to relax!! And please, please, laugh when you have to change her diaper in the bathroom of the plane. It's the only way to survive that tail!!!

  13. You are one amazing mama! You can do it! We are all routing for you!
    Much love,

  14. Good luck! At least you know that no matter how the travelling goes, the destination will be worth it. 🙂

    I'm taking my one year old on her second flight this Friday. We were lucky enough the first time to get a row to ourselves… because the guy next to us requested a seat change.

  15. good luck to you both. that is a long journey you are about to embark on but you will make it.
    Lily also loves sammy the turtle, it's one of her faves. they will have to watch it together.
    safe travels!!!

  16. If you're flying Hawaiian airlines your second leg, you're in for a treat. I'm afraid of flying too, but it's the best flight, and the best service! I used to have to do with alone with twin toddlers and they were awesome. Plus, unless they've changed this, they give you an awesome little snack box when you get close to the islands.