We went out to brunch the other day. While everyone else was finishing up, me and the antsy little-one walked across the street to a health food store. I wanted to browse around for fun items and pick up something sweet to eat (I’ve been on a sugar kick this week). As soon as I walked in, a nice man smiled and said “Hello.” I returned both: the hello and the smile. Marlowe and I walked up and down each isle a few times (they had mini carts, she was in love). I finally settled on a double chocolate chip cookie. I brought it to the counter (which already had a small pile started from another customer), but no one was there. I walked away. Walked around a bit more. And walked back. The customer checking out was the nice man who smiled as I walked through the door. He asked me if I had ever tried the kombucha he was holding. I said “No, I tend to stick with the other brand”.  Cheerfully and with enthusiasm he said: “This stuff is amazing, the absolute best. You have to try it. Try the raspberry ginger, you’ll love it.” I smiled and said “Okay, sure, you’ve talked me into it, I’m going to do it”. With Marlowe on my hip, I walked to the back of the store, opened the cooler, poked around, found the specific flavor, and walked back to the counter. The man was gone. I sat my drink on the counter, reached into my purse, and pulled out my wallet. The cashier woman gave me a big smile and said “everything is already paid for.” I ask: “what, are you sure?” She says “Yes. He paid for everything.” A little stunned, I smile, and respond “Wow thank you. I wish he hadn’t left so I could have thanked him”. I leave with my drink and a cookie for Marlowe. I look around outside, but the man is no where to be found. That was that. A sweet gesture. My cookie fairy.

I’ve been thinking about my cookie fairy a lot. He was so cheerful, generous, and kind. He did something sweet, for a stranger, and never looked back for a thank you. It’s a bit inspiring. I’ve been working on this lately, even before the cookie fairy popped into my life. I’ve been wanting to be more cheerful and giving, just for the sake of being cheerful and giving… and it seems, the universe has certainly been returning kindness my way. From now on, I’m setting out to be a fulltime-lifelong cookie fairy 😉
Speaking of cookies… I made a big batch this afternoon. I’ll be sharing the best vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe (in the world)… very soon 😉 


  1. This JUST happened to us too! Last week a woman payed our entire bill at the thrift store. The feeling is totally contagious, I can't stop thinking about her and that kind gesture and I'm constantly looking for the opportunity to do the same thing for someone else.

  2. Oh this story made my whole body tingle with joy. What a great, and rare, occurrance. I want to be someone's cookie fairy now! xo

  3. Oh this story made my whole body tingle with joy. What a great, and rare, occurrance. I want to be someones cookie fairy now… 🙂 xo

  4. That actually made me kind of weepy! Lol. Random kindness like that just knocks me out. So glad you shared!

  5. What a great story! Once I was in a Starbucks drive through where the person in front of me paid for my order… so I paid for the person behind me. Hopefully stuff like this catches on!

  6. This is great! One time I was in a starbucks drive through where the person in front of me paid for my order. I paid for the person behind me… Hopefully stuff like that happens more often!

    • I'm curious to know how long the train of niceness kept goin for! That's awesome!

  7. great story! what an inspiring stranger. now it's time to pay it forward (is that the saying).
    ok…I can't wait to see the recipe! I just made a batch, using a new recipe, of vegan chocolate chip cookies and they. were. awesome. i'm sad to say we ate them ALL in one day. hence why i ran four miles this morning.

  8. That is super sweet is a good way to keep the chain of goodness in this world… no douts little details like this make your day way better 🙂

  9. This is wonderfully inspiring experience. I love the thought of random acts of kindness! With more of these the world might be a nicer place! Looking forward to that cookie recipe!

  10. That is so sweet – there aren't a lot of people in this world that would make such a wonderful gesture without any expectation in return.

  11. That is so nice. A man once stopped me at a bus stop when I was about 19 years old and handed me a bunch of flowers and said he'd driven past me and just had to get me these! The old ladies at the stop were squealing with excitement. And then he went off…no ulterior motive?! I was very embarrassed though…and then had to meet my boyfriend and explain this massive bunch of flowers! Fun though, acts like that can keep you happy for weeks!
    PS was he handsome too?!

    • That's amazing! Really really amazing!
      From what I remember/noticed this guy was attractive, for an older man.

  12. This made me cry the best kind of tears. (Ugh, such a sap!) But this is really so sweet. I like to do things like that for people I know but now I feel inspired to do something nice for a stranger – just because. Thanks for this.

  13. Aww how sweet! Do you find Hawaiians in particular are super nice? I once worked for a call centre selling long distance phoning plans (uggh!!) and I always enjoyed when our bay sold to hawaii. they were always much friendlier! Looking forward to your chocolate chip recipe!

    • Well, to be honest, I haven't been out of the house enough to know! But the three or so I've encountered seemed really friendly! The only thing I like about working as a phone salesperson was the different accents and personalities I found! I'm a terrible phone person!

  14. that is so sweet. once i was out to dinner with a few lady friends and when we went to pay we found out an older gentleman eating with his grandkids had paid for all of his dinners. he told the waiter that seeing us having so much fun and enjoying each other reminded him of when he was young. he didn't want to us to know who he was, he just wanted to do something nice. it made our night!

  15. I love this! You should pass on this random act of kindness to someone somewhere.

    • oh absolutely. I've been doing little things here and there when I get out. But I think buying someone a cookie is the sure fire best way to a smile 🙂

  16. I'm a reader not a very consistent blogger, but I've been reading your posts for a while and I have to say this is my favourite! I also just became a single mum, so I find you that extra little bit inspiring.