For your friday: our amazingly sweet large september sponsors! I can’t believe it’s already the end of the month. It just keeps whizzing by. Even though I’m very much looking forward to all the hectic excitement October is going to bring, I would very much love for life to slow down a bit. Either way, September has been a great month. Be sure to give these folks lots of love <3 Happy Friday! 
Hands down the cutest cloth diapers I’ve ever seen. Zoopie Kids is eco-friendly, reusable (duh), and charity building! With every item you purchase, funds are supplied to orphanages around the world! You really can’t go wrong with these adorable things
Sweet Toria’s little boy just turned two! Happy Birthday Charlie! A nice, down to earth family blog for anyone to enjoy 🙂 

Nicole’s blog with a little bit of everything. A once upon a time single mama, now engaged and planning a wedding. Yay! I’m so happy for her. And she has the coolest son in the entire planet. 

If you want a better peek into Hawaii life, check out Erica’s Hawaii living family blog. Erica’s dedication to fitness is inspiring, and her daughter is just the cutest little nugget. 

Cloth diaper covers, blankets, pillows, and bibs, oh my. Such adorable handmade items in the Barrel and Heap shop. I am completely head over heels for thisthisthis, and this

Miss LaTonya’s blog with family New York living, a bit of style, inspiration, and just overall fun. In real life, Latonya is a chatterbox and absolutely amazing. If you haven’t checked out her post about her touring me around NY, you should 😉
Ana’s blog of beautiful things, her beautiful little boy, and her beautiful family. Such a bright read for any day.  
I’ve met this little lady, and she is just the tiniest most huggable little thing. And her parents? Some of the kindest, most sincere people I’ve EVER met. Check out Nicolle’s blog HERE.
I feel like my life revolves around these cloth napkins. For every meal and party, they are there. They end up in every picnic bag I pack, and some even traveled with me to Massachusetts. They make any meal look more beautiful… and they’re eco-friendly. Those are some pretty magical cloth napkins
My two current favorite in the shop: these and these
A blog about Devons fantastic surf life. Vegetarian living, surfing, travel, and a cute husband. What’s not to love? 
So much cuteness in Sonya’s little boy. Each month, he get’s cuter and cuter. A gray rainbow, is a sweet little family blog of every day adventures for a mama and her family. 

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